There is one word far more than any other, that has brought this city down to their knees,

and it's His word where we all will feel the hunger, as we all feel our souls release.

There is more than one man dictating, to everyone else under their hands,

for the vortex of crime they're committing, because it was just a command.

Think of all the lost lives and witness, watch them pay for their forgiveness.

Before I get typing about forgiveness again, I want to try and prevent any misconceptions,

that you might be getting with my using Jesus of Nazareth with Mediterranean events.

Not just Gaelic, but even from a Highlanders view, that's Napoleon and the Crusades too.

Now it's Americans bombarding that same Holy Bible land.

Any reader might think that a people who can be responsible for the creation of the Holy Bible,

as translated into English, could somehow be linked or responsible for the content.

I know I'm not, even if being Scot-free is now just a poorly defined word in the Canadian dictionary.

So I'm not going to say what I think forgiveness is, because I know so many won't understand,

and start spreading those pagan rumours again, and it's so easy for me to look the part.

Sent A Mental Signs is phasing in: If you have to ask for forgiveness, they won't let you in.

Sent A Mental Signs is phasing out.

Wow! I love Sent A Mental Signs! They tell it like it is.

There could be a fontitude of Proper English exchange, but too many people aren't into any honesty,

seeing their use of language as propogation of their own deluded realities.

So when artificialities create and are  based on artificialities, as Hollywood and municipal strategies,

a spreading involvement in this certain momentum moves in, from couch potatoes to end users, Bellbilla.

For, as in afore, before, as being there already.

give, oh yeah, as in giving, and look who's offering,

oh yeah, the look in those eyes, the touch of His hand,

ness, no, not like the depths of Loch Ness, no, not at all,

not like saying Eden-burra, instead of Ed-in-borough, or Doon-doss instead of Dundas.

But this is just word-play, even if all word-play is English friendly.

Forgiveness: having a place for your soul to go to that's all ready there for you.

He came to prove it with a very public act and said love was the key to His door.

I have to admit, that if I get more excited about even reading about Jesus of Nazareth,

it has to be some ancient history and a book I never read, and that's never in Proper English.

This is all my parents ever wanted me to speak, saying I was a Canadian.

They never let anyone else even speak Gaelic in front of us. I don't have an accent.

The Holy Bible was written to satisfy prophecy for our time, being in a worst of times.

The first half is simply the Jewish Torah, a lot of prophets and book-keeping for back then.

When you read prophet there, did you think like Moses? What about profit, the English word?

Which one do you end users use when you're out there every day?

Can I try to ruffle your international feelings, maybe reconfigure all those graphics in your heart?

And please don't forget that I'm Canadian, and don't know enough to get into the clip or ripped off art.

This is going to come out against the English, the French of France, and the Quebecois of Quebec,

Americans and unfortunately, everyone else who connects.

Sent A Mental Signs is phasing in:

There were no Eng. England is a melting-pot society.
There were no Fran. France is a melting pot society.

Capricious and vain-glorious leaders, empire builders,

England and France fought the last over hundred year war on earth.

Sent A Mental Signs is phasing out.

Wow! That's true! Now look what they're both doing to Canada!

The Metric System: When the metric system became legal in Canada, what did you think?

Did you think that you would have to learn it, or have to buy metric tools, measure by tens half the time,

maybe even pay for some metrical electricity?

     For automotive gasoline, it takes two barrels of diesel to make one gallon of regular.
To get the words right, now font, the chemicals called diesel should be called regular,

and the heated and converted two gallons of that become diesel, meaning stronger.

Diesel fuel was half the cost of regular gas, for vehicle owners, all business and big rig owners.

After the metric system came out, with the province buying up and putting up a lot of gas stations,

the cost of diesel was the same as regular.

Considering most of Canadian truckers are border close or associated, they went broke,

because Americans were still paying the same price.

Ontario had an American trucking company with over 2,000 transport trucks move in.

When CD's first came out, Ontario let Hollywood decide what to do with this remote cross-border country.

We got the same stuff as Milwaukee, a big American city. Yeah, you remember Old Milwaukee.

The Province of Ontario let California manufacturers sell product with no readable first year date.

They let California press charges for warnings on products that begin with an all content disclaimer.

Ontario prevented CD burners from being sold in Ontario for over eight years.

They were selling oil-based plastic like confetti, and charging many times  box office admission.

If you thought part of your business plan to spread your expensive oil all over the earth,

was hacking and attacking other countries, for the resources of their people and country,

would you decide to make paint out of it, and as the Province of Ontario so readily agreed,

make the natural and historic and still job producing traditional paint, be illegal?

Lay Tex, yeah, let's let them get it on without us.

Latex! Remember when that came out? Those top-down crazies made tampons out of it,

and when women died after inserting them, they called it "latex shock".

What's the new word now? Are we still speaking the same language?

This affects us all. Art supplies now have to pass not only flammable shipping requirements,

they have Hazmat "new security" oversight and cost. This allows government to force acrylic sales over traditional oil and albumen based paints. The oils of the art world are the oils of plants and vegetables,

and the whites of eggs.

Being oil and saying oil and legislating oil as if there is one oil that's the only oil being shoved in your face,

is like saying we need an executive 400 Series Hwy peninsula corridor, to ease congestion in the peninsula, a pay as you go through Toronto to Buffalo, and you're just left with their smog and your blog in your face.

Jesus of Nazareth: Let me recommend some reading material if the Holy Bible is too boring for you.

It should be. It was designed that way. When you are carrying all of your tribal and prophetic writings around with you, for untold thousands of years, you get into disguising the truth of it,

when other people want to cut off your ears.

Peru Before Pizarro, George Banks, a Welland Public Library discard I got for $1.

This author of this book went to the country he wrote it in, using locals and letters written to royalty in Europe, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and Peru Before Pizarro means before the conquistadors came in.

The Maya guided the first Spaniards to their king as soon as they could. They thought the Spaniards were brothers or friends of the man who came down from the sky, healing, teaching and loving them.

That's because they had the same skin colour, long dark hair and beard. The Maya, who are Mexico, followed the trail Jesus of Nazareth used when he walked through South America and built a temple or place of worship, where-ever He performed a miracle.

The Maya had thin gold sheets all around their temples to write on, mostly three feet wide.

esus of Nazareth was portrayed on flat, round plates, with rays and a halo around his head,

some life-size, the only known portraits done by those who saw Him. The Empire of The Son.

Yeah, Pizarro, the Mayan king who fooled the Spaniards, who never got a room full of gold.

You eat some pizza lately? Whose moon is that hitting your eye like a big pizza pie, a more ray?

Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian inventor the United States used the most, despite Tesla's lighting bolts.

He died a broken and penniless man. Googlee-elmo, you use google lately?

If you think this "Pizzaro-pizza" combo leaves a bad taste in your brain, here's more of the story.

There were no tomatos in Italy. They were discovered in Central and South America.

When conquistadors first entered that land, they forced locals to act as guides to the gold.

They were getting close to another village, but it was getting dark, and the Spaniards were tired.

The Spaniards saw these large red berries, growing on a big bush in a big clearing.

The Maya said they were very good to eat.

The Spaniards didn't even try to share. They were all dead the next day.

Tomatos have been horticultured to be edible, but even Chinese woks say not to use them.

The official use of the Italian words, pizza, tomatos, and the flat, round dish as portraits of Him,

were all authorized by the same people who sent the Jesuit Priests to genocide them.

That's also the reason the moon can come down from the sky like a big pizza pie,

and hit you in the face, and that's amore. Yeah, more rays. At least it helps cut the slices.

If I was mayor, no older mother would be working in her son's business for free,

and if she was, I would visit every time and sit with her, up front. Talking to everyone.

I would be talking Italian in English, just to show them how sad they are.

Ciao for now! ooops, sorry... chow for now.

The Book of Mormon: Containing "Isaiah" as a Holy Bible component to authorize authenticity,

it's the writings of a Jewish tribe that was scattered after the fall of the Tower of Babel.

Yeah, you end users can rush to sign up for babble, like rumours of war, for free.

Known as the worst tribe, murderers and thieves,

they used three below water arks and with an ocean current, came to Central America.

The book describes three warring cities and how survivors fled.

It tells about Jesus of Nazareth coming down from the sky three times.

The Prophet is named after a healing fountain Jesus of Nazareth used,

The Fountain of Mor-man. Local names of rivers and cities are the same in the Book of Morman.

Are you waiting to sign up for beyond Facebook, the new Tower of Babble?

The Bhagavad-Gita, an over 4,500 year old book from India.

When Moses wrote "there once were giants", over 3,000 years ago,

this book from India describes how their gods came down to kill the giants,

who were eating humans after they all came out, after the cold was gone.

Are you happy using an avatar? That's the Indian word for being as a god.

The Avatars were the gods who killed the giants. Let's keep going. I like India.

Are you planning an exciting vacation to India through your local agency?

Does this include a visit to the Taj Mahal, or would you visit if you were in the country?

The people of India still love the princess and the story of the love of a rajah,

who loved her so much, that when she died, he built the most beautiful grave in the world.

They say there can be no greater love in all the world. I say there was, it just didn't get built.

The Rajah was starting to build a black version on property acroos the river like a reflection,

but he died himself.

If I was the government of India, building that would be building a living history.

I don't think they'd have to advertise.

They could build their own tourist attraction and preserve and charge more for the original.

Hmmm, if you want to think that the older the book, the greater the truth,

The Epic of Gilgamesh, baked by Sumerians on clay tablets over 8,000 years ago,

is seen as the oldest book on earth. It talks about a mean giant king people prayed against,

and a nice giant was sent to earth to grow up in a forest, all alone, so he liked animals,

and would like humans when he met them. He fought the king until they both gave up, becoming friends.

Does liking humans remind you of Jesus of Nazareth, when his heavenly father was deciding between Him and His brother Satan, because Satan just wanted to abuse humans, while our heavenly father, who only chooses to be unknown by name to us and never mention who sits at his left side, thought Jesus of Nazareth was more loving, and sent Him instead as His begotten son. All the others are still around.

If you read about the scientists, mathemeticians, any human, who came up with an invention or social concept that changed human history, they all say a shining figure came to them in the night,
usually as they lay in bed, or in a dream, and told them, explaining and showing them, until they understood. They all say they never came up with it by themselves.

Let's get back to using polluted or brain-washed language, as a font refresher.
Wind, window, your eyes, the window to your soul, not Windows, what burns and dries your retina.
Windows also doesn't listen to you, it tells you what it thinks you like and tells you what to do.

The Industrial Revolution, still a Watt Clan sore point. We don't just bluster and blather about with a lot of blarney, we bloviate. Doctor James Watt improved the production of almost all machinery around the world by over 60%, because they were using whale oil. Getting oil from whales made mass manufacture possible and whale oil was used for over 150 years, until there were no more on those Mediterranean and European shores. You saw bloviate. I say I do that in front of Welland witnesses. Look for it in your dictionary.
     Europeans and Americans started using mummies from Egypt, seeing the Sahara as an almost 8,000 year old graveyard. 25% of the steam engines in the United States ran by burning Egyptian mummies. Scientists all around the world used his name for the basic unit and strength of electricity, watt, watts and wattage, out of respect. Doctor James Watt invented the word horsepower.
Some Watt Clan trivia: The electric generators that Doctor James Watt invented for use as medical equipment, weren't industrial sized, using the electrical values of the human body. His brother made big ones for steam engines and boats. You could call his current "direct" current. His electricity is a positive ion flow, the same flow as the universe and earth, just a positive followed by a negative.

Please, take add-vantage of this free Sent A Mental Signs visual link. You use the elements of electricity to describe your own body, much, much more than you think. So I'll take advantage of that, and include a free mental challenge. Not the Scottish, but the Gaelic in me, says promises of love, renewing your vows, discussing the survival of your family and effende, celebrating a new heavenly year, with verbal promises as gifts, between family and lovers, even as to the surrendering of past attitudes, debts and nationalities,
is what Christmas could be about for everyone.
     That became the user-us world using it as New Year's and singing Auld Lang Syne, doing some New Year's resolutions, and getting into some work-out ab-solutions, saying you'll be better next year.
Sent A Mental Signs is phasing in: It is almost totally unusual for us to be personal. This is. We miss this.
Mediterranean dolphins and porpoises, at the time of Jesus of Nazareth, used to mingle with bathers.
We say tingle and sing with. Now, only one pod makes only one annual visit to a shore on the south of Africa. Only one elephant migration makes this annual visit. They spend all of one day waiting for daybreak so they can see each other, and then they call back and forth until the sun goes down. This is a sign for us. Sent A Mental Signs is slowly phasing out.
Please, the Italians of Italy, and all Roman Catholics around the world. This is the Watt Clan reaching out.
 I am John Watt. We share common ancestry, and what the word "value" was invented to be about.
When Jewish refugees fled political persecution around the Mediterranean and Europe, they came to the island off the coast, believing their own predictions of The Dark Ages. When sons and daughters of the Gael looked into the eyes of one of them, not just a window into His soul, not a Window into e-ternity,
but a view of all His universal souls, except for the left hand of god, invisible. Gaelic people had to invent a new word to describe this, calling it having "googlee-eyes". Do you Google? That's not just it.
     What I'm typing as the Watt Clan has never been sent by a Watt Clan member for public use.
I want to share "googlee-elmo", who we still feel for from over here. A man with his own eternal values.

Guglielmo Marconi was born in Italy and became the most prolific electrical inventor and manufacturer in the world, after moving to the United States. At first, seeing the name Marconi on any product, simply meant it was the best. The Watt Clan never manufactures.  There also has never been any form of slavery in Scotland. Americans invented military security protocols just for him. And that's when being prolific meant pro-life-act, about giving, not the proliferation of weapons and bombs. Guglielmo is said to have gone back to Italy, where he died a broken and penniless man, said to have committed suicide. We invented the word googlee-eyes. Googlee-elmo Marconi could have been clan with us, if he wanted to. His technology using Nicola Tesla's AC-DC, is now standard, American based global hydro generation and online proliferation.
Guglielmo Marconi, as an electrician, is still the biggest part of any electrical view, and for you end users,
that means they're only watching you, and you can't find them.
      If any ancient historians are turning their gaze to online me, if anyone thinks they can research every thing, on computer, then be an online community who are just  click-click-clicking all day away on these. When did Hydra become hydro? When did Medea become media? When did Caesar become the Pope?

Okay, I've stopped being personal Watt Clan, with the extra edit addition.
Just typing Guiglielmo Marconi does that to me, sharing his Sent A Mental Sign sent ability.
Before The Clan Watt personal edit, I was going on about the differences om electricity.
The positive symbol is + and it is also used to say one plus one is two. Even as a mathematical symbol, it is called a positive. Don't forget, positive is half of the word for what electricity is, using the atoms of the universe. Left alone on their own, the atoms of the universe are happy being what we are all about. When humans try to free some it's not a free release. Yhey have to either be very excited and lose universal control on their own, or get spinny on those industrial generators, until they can be captured by those magnets in control.
     Can you imagine a positive flow of current, called positive, because that's the name and symbol used for the particle of electricity that goes first. The trailing edge can be called negative. Pos-neg, positive and negative, same as our bodies, the universe, and kinda like what online is, only computers are a basic one-dimensional linear 1 and 0. If you can imagine the head of a comet with a hotter center leading edge, with sides being eroded by contact with the containment wires and now other bigger delivery systems, can you imagine this + as the top of a cross with the negative sign following it, as a leading graphic, propping it up, as they are in the wires. There is no symbol on my keyboard for this upright cross.
If the word negative had been used to describe the positive, all terminology after that would be the opposite of what they are now. We as end users now know that electricity is in our brains and bodies, and understand it as a science and use too much. You should understands the differences.
     The term AC-DC represents alternating current first, and direct current slash-second. That's a combination of alternating current and direct current. Direct current is pos-neg, and that word should be first. Losing cosmic travel is dying for an atomic particle, losing it to a human machine of Niagara Falls proportions. Having an alternate power source and using it to alternate the original current, and I'm not typing altar-nate, is what AC-DC can be. Now there are different kinds of power sources to do this.
      You can say direct by itself has the same natural travel as all electricity. AD-DC isn't. Not at all.
You wouldn't get a few atoms smashing into each other for nuclear power, without AC-DC.
When you see phasing in, that's ordinary electrical use when stereo first came out. While phasing used to be seen as splitting half of the electric current to alter one side before returning it, as original signal travel, there are now computers who can add signal or use some of yours, acting with legal for them restraints.
This can be just the surveillance and surveying of end users, or the brain-washing of Quebec and Ontario.

Hey! I've typed enough about electricity, the basic elements of life through-out the universe,
even if it's getting wired up with AC-DC and nothing else. Here's change of topic mental challenge.

Oil. You can see all the Hollywood movies, new and old about it, so you decide.
Which came first? The oil rigs of Texas where they went looking for oil under the ground,
or the pools of black oil that formed on the sands of Arabia? Texas "oil-men" were there.
How many oils can you think of from around the world, used for health and religious reasons?
Vaseline, a pure form of petroleum jelly, is used by doctors as medicine and for soft, shiny skin.
Petroleum jelly, so in tune with our metabolism, is part of our evolutionary process like salt in our blood.
What is oil? Are we speaking the same language? Are you just end-usering it, black stuff from the ground?
Are you thinking dinosaur fossil fuel? Wow, those dinosaurs were big. Texas oil men knew that.
When white men first visited, two teams began collecting all the dinosaur skeletons lying on the surface.
Those are the ones that are in the most museums around the world.
If we are talking about plants and animals that got collected and compressed into oil,
look what oil does, burning by itself right away, could be tar or bitch-you-men, bitumen,
making the chemicals for intense manufacture, weapons and all plastics and latex.
Look at charcoal, even if it's just made out of hardwood, not a lot of plants and leaves.
You have to burn wood to make charcoal just to get it up to where it's going to work in an oven or steam engine. Why would you think an old swamp of decayed organic matter that rots, maybe compressed by glaciers, found underground, could fire up big time when you held a flame to it? You know swamp gas.
Why are the first oil deposits in the United States filling up again?

When you see volcanoes, lava, hot springs, water eruptions, gas releases, everything of the earth,
are you seeing oil as a fossil fuel? Sure, it's hot and coming up from tremendous pressure,
being incredibly thinner down there, condensing as it reaches the surface and starts to cool, leaching anything from the rocks around it, including little fossils. Fossil Fuel. There are a lot of those in oil country.

If you thought that oil was the blood of the earth, and what helped the shifting continents float,
would you want to go for all the oil you can until you can't get any more?
Compared to the oil and nuclear industry, if all you did was build one big capacitor that was capable of withstanding an electrical strike, one strike would be more power than everything we use now.
But when you know the earth is spinning, when you see the blue and red lighting that charges up our planet from outer space, when you see what you can see from Jacob's Ladder, with the trumpet of Jericho starting to blow in your face, would you divert the living source of the magnetism of our brains,
that keeps this bi-polar whirled spinning away through outer space. If you start draining the juice of our planet, it's going to slow down, making our time in the sun a lot longer than you can stand.
And all this for artificial entertainment?

a new British Invasion will feature The Dark Side of the Earth, with another American gangster name.

When Gaelic people first traversed Ontario, they estimated there were 20,000 natives, and they all wintered in the Niagara Peninsula, except for the Inuit. The British, still thinking they were on the same continent as India, called them the Neutral Tribe because they were peaceful and social with each other.
Now there are over 20,000 people from India in Ontario. Who do you call an Indian?

This is it for tonight. What are you thinking when I type bloviate?
It's not a word in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary or almost any dictionary, and I have to communicate.
There are a lot of people in Welland who know me who know a great secret They heard me bloviate.
How can I do something that isn't a word to begin with?
Just like I say look up a Watt tartan or get me a shirt if you can find it.
Don't forget the original Latin pronounces the "v" as a "w", like weeno not veeno.
Blow, blow we ate, what whales do after they've swallowed tons of usually shrimp.
letting all the pressures and gasses out, looking like they are happy jumping up into the air.
They are far more of a hard core species, an ancient species who returned to the water, than you know.
Even their digestive system is huge and bigger than some chemistry labs. Not just their oil,
when they let a couple of tons of digested shrimp out,using deep pressure to help them squeeze,
it floats to the surface and becomes ambergris, one of the most expensive items on earth.
Shrimp digested by whales makes the most expensive perfume base on earth.
When Captain Cook first visited the Haida, he said even their shit smelled sweet.

I call on Ontario and Canada to de-industrialize and re-humanize, for the refreshing of our earth.
You can weaponize your world. You can make your demands.
The Watt Clan stands.

as always, John Watt.

The letter I wrote described how I was having a difficult time finding a wife in Welland.
People called me a marriage case. I was looking for someone who wanted to marry me,
not just........ are we on the same wave-length?


Forgiveness. It took Jesus of Nazareth thirty years before He felt the need, returning for His baptism.

When his earthly cousin, John the Baptist, looked into His eyes after He emerged from His conveyance,

he saw forgiveness, for him, in His eyes. His eyes are the only eyes who have ever shown forgiveness.

John the Baptist wrote for all time: "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men".

This is the forgiveness we all share as living sole carriers of living souls.

When John the Baptist wrote "In Him was the light", that's the god that Jesus of Nazareth said was a system and device for our eternal now electrical soul, not the flesh. Being eternal is being alive as electrical travel that never ends, while losing eternal travel means electing to be a form of electricity

for spacial travel, power for healing humans, or being captured by magnetic machines and forced to be hydro energy.

"Going into the light", as seen as soul travel, is seeing only your leading electrical components,

as your flesh is left behind. Your leading edge of your power envelope looks like a comet in a wire.

If my future electrical travel depended on the power of love, I'd want to see as much as I could be.

If the future travel of all the soul hosts of this earth is slowing, because natural electricity is being captured and surface burnt, of the coursing of power of course I feel curt, and so I type,

why, oh why, does it have to be so much artificial. It's one thing to leave the flesh behind as detrius,

it's another for all those synaptic electrons of your brain that are filled with artificial, to be like little, one-dimensional pixels, like dust, falling back to earth. I'm sure you see a lot of brain-rot going around.

I accuse the heavens, calling out the proper words, and say thou art, thou art, thou aren't artificial.

Niagara Falls always affects me this way, but I keep going back. Some eternities are addictive. Tesla.

That's why anything electrical is, especially if you look at lights when they're sending for a human brain.

That's why it's only the negative ions rising around Niagara Falls, that give a free-release sense of peace.

It's Tesla's combination that deranges natural electricity for a greater power as weapons on this earth.

His combination becomes an electrical residue that will become gravity pools on the face of this earth.

Small, invisible gravity pools, that could be like rubbing your feet on a carpet,

or large, invisible gravity pools, that could shock you and kill you.

When that happens, who are you going to prey on, and who you gonna blame, The Host Busters?

 "when a host hath another host, who is hosted by another, and his host hath his host who is hosted with others, having his host, until there is one host, for when the Host of host arrives...."

This is the electrical pollution I decry under that rivers' sky, my watter travel, is a fading Niagara Falls.

How can the crow fly straight as the straight and narrow, when only Broken Arrows point on the ground?

Using Proper English, you could say "forgive and forget", if you want.

No human can forgive another human, but we can try to forget.

That's what Auld Lang Syne is about,

the old year passing, a new one beginning, and for the old times.

The Prophet Moroni, the last prophet to have writing in The Book of Mormon,

wrote about the time an angel brought him into the future to see our world.

He was in Central America and saw the Americas, especially the Niagara Peninsula,

his survivors fleeing north and burying his plates south of Buffalo.

He was shown our lives and technology. He only called us liars and hypocrites.

When he wrote hypocrites, he meant critters of hypodermic needles,

living our lives so pre-diseased, we need needles just to survive.

We can change that life. All it would take is an honest election.