House of Commons


       A new political resignation, quitting politics, saying she won't run in the next election,

has caused me to delete the content that introduced these letters. When one of her N.D.P. funded organizations made me illegally homeless, I told her I was coming after her.

    These were very unexpected letters, and while I never replied to any of them,

it was good for my parents to see that my efforts weren't totally futile, even if Welland wasn't changing inside City Hall. I made colour copies and used them as personal references. What kind of respect do I get from Welland City Hall? My parents headstone was dug up before one election, and I was being told I could be eating their ashes if I was eating in a restaurant downtown. The gravestone of my mothers' parents was removed.

Welland City Hall now owns this cemetery. After two visits and three phone calls, I didn't receive one reply or meet with anyone about these complaints.

     The last mayoral debate in Welland was two elections ago, at Notre Dame. Students filled the seating, and the back wall was lined with adults. I talked about the narcotic addicts, the pedophile society, and the criminal organizations, biker gangs, that dominate this city, then, and during the previous election. At the last debate, right from the start, the students would only applaud for me, literally, not one person clapping for any of the four elected city councilors. After two questions were asked and answered by all the candidates, with applause only for me, an adult came down the aisle and said if no-one was going to clap for the elected officials, then they couldn't clap for me. A student was chosen and told to listen to me, so they could cut me off if I was going "off-topic".

     The horrible suffering of my life. My younger brother was murdered by a drug overdose and held in a position of rigor mortis so he was in the same position as one of the statues in Merritt Park. Instead of holding a cup in his hand, it was dangling off two fingers.

What happened to my mother at the Welland Hospital, unnecessary surgery that caused her surgical pain and shortened her lifespan by half, and what happened during my fathers' passing, suddenly were lifted from my heart. As I walked out of the building I just started laughing out loud like I never have before, laughing out loud all the way until I was crossing the bridge on Niagara Street, and then laughing inside myself all the way to my apartment.

   I can only be ever thank-full to the students at Notre Dame for providing a wonderful and dramatic event that helped to balance the suffering of my life. I never ask anyone to help me with these life-threatening people, and as a candidate always act alone, but it was amazing to feel understood by all those students and everyone else who was there.

     My favorite moment during the previous debate was having the students start applauding while I was talking about downtown Welland. As the applause and reactions grew louder I stopped my line of reasoning, and raising my voice I said "I hope you know how to pray for each other, because they know how to prey on you". I just stood there as the students kept it up, and after it calmed down I just returned to my seat.

     During the last election there was no debate at Notre Dame. The first thing I have to say is, that school board certainly knows how to teach their students a political lesson.