Small Increments 2

Personal Apartments:  When the City of Toronto was having difficulty with lawsuits from the sons and daughters of senior citizens in retirement homes, they passed a new bylaw. This was about old age homes over-medicating seniors, with cases of physical and sexual abuse, theft of property, improper food and not bathing them or keeping the residences clean. Investigations by police made many arrests of staff.
     This new by-law earned the nick-name "granny flats". This allowed home-owners to use an attic, a top floor of a garage or a new addition, as a separate apartment with a separate address as long as it had its' own entrance. This way the senior could receive all payments of benefits, home care, and pay rent to their family, helping the family pay for necessary care and uncovered treatments.
     When I was playing in a band at the Lion Tavern in Port Dalhousie, a very wealthy community, I was visiting a new friend and was shown an apartment with the same designation, calling it a granny flat.
     In Welland, this would be more about sons and daughters of home owners who are on O.D.S.P. or receiving welfare payments. When your life is in crisis it's better to be with family, and it's better if family is collecting rent so that money can be used to improve the household or pay for more personal care-givers.

City Hall Computer Screen
: The computerized screen was built in Calgary, the screen costing $100,000.
That's not counting delivery and installation. The city lights it up with advertising it sells. It's not the job of politics to build businesses for profit. I also know people in Welland who could have built it, and at least it would have been a make-work job.
     This screen breaks several roadway bylaws, municipal, regional and provincial. It's not a sign. Messages change. Movies have been played there. If a motorist has an accident and says he was distracted by this screen, he has every right to sue the city for damages. If I was driving by after dark one night, and was seeing "The Mighty Ducks", an old movie I might have seen before, I'd be looking to watch Charlie Sheens' team score a goal. I know I'd be distracted by the smell of free popcorn and signs for free fruit drinks.
Too bad the screen froze a few times towards the end, but then, City Hall always has serious tech problems.
Bad air conditioning, faulty heating in the carpets at the library, computer errors in council that can't record secret votes that appoint a member of a known organized crime family as a city councilor, things like that.
This leads me to our next topic, your City Hall security.

Your City Hall Security: When the government of Kathleen Wynne first took over, she said Ontario needed a new "over-arching security system for all Ontario online". I remind you that "arching" is the term for bridges over the border into the United States, and the electrical term is "arcing". The Ontario company that bid the most asked for $600,000,000. An American company in the United States that bid $780,000,000 got the contract. Ontario is the only province in Canada where the online is both owned and secured by Americans.
Have you lost points? Did you dispute lost funds and win, only to be told you can only recover fifty percent?
Did fees eat up a card before you used it? Air Miles. How long a flight did you get taken for? Are you thinking that Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is in Ontario, and they are saying all your accounts should be online?
     When Scottish accountants noticed that $600,000 was missing from a school board account, they traced it through the European Union to a financial institution on Wall Street. That was after Greece and Iceland experienced accounting problems that brought down their economy. Americans are attacking and hacking other countries for their resources and wealth, and a lot of that is for propagating their world wide web, and it's getting stickier all the time.
     It took a railroad across Canada to unite Canada and keep the Americans from grabbing British Columbia.
That made Canada a sovereign country. We should have a sovereign online system. Ontario, and every province, should be able to control their own online and disconnect from countries during times of war.
And believe me, we're not in the cold war anymore, it's a code war.
     Think how much less your bills would be if you were just paying for Ontario online, bumping it up to all of Canada and then the world. Think how much less electricity and computer power you would use if being local was just that. Your telephone and communications devices work like that, why not your online?
     One online account does cover all the users in one building, and yet every address is billed as being separate. When you minimize an active online address, and use another online at the same time, you're not paying for two separate accounts. Computer manufacturers and online providers have been getting a license to print money, and they're getting away with it because people are dealing with electricity, something they simply can't see. We only need one online system for all of Ontario. If you're thinking that multiple providers would be losing jobs because of regulating one provider, those people could start working to provide online for uncovered areas of Ontario. Tech could be hired to create border controls. Anything that would be used to redefine Ontario online would create transfers of jobs to other functionalities.
     How nice would it be if there were tech-talkers as 24/7 computer operators, like telephone operators, with 1-800 numbers you could call, there to help you with your addresses and your online problems?
     When I began to inform tech and support for governments and businesses outside of Ontario, about the unique relationship Ontario, and Ottawa, has with the disUnited Stages, I was met with disbelief and ridicule, until I began to receive telephone calls and email saying I'm sorry, you were right. This resulted in other provinces and businesses in other provinces changing financial protocols with Ontario.
     After I proved that Bell interfered with a municipal election in Welland, Ontario, employee and foreign ownership that I contacted rebelled, oh yeah... forcing Bell to change its' protocols. One of those was changing call centers so that all Canadian call center activity was done in Canada. I called it Bellbilla.
My favorite telephone call came from the Executive Sales Office in Orillia, employees being very happy and partying with the news that their new call center was being built in their home town. When I told them that I once played in the Iroquois Room in Orillia, and laid across the arms of the Champlain statue jamming with my guitar one afternoon, we all got into the long distance noise.
     The Bell regional director of the Bahamas, someone I contacted, called me to ask if I was willing to speak with her Egyptian counterpart, saying I mentioned Egypt as a dream destination. I said sure. She told me that Bell built a city in Egypt called The Quebec Queue that controlled all call center activity for the government of Quebec and the province. Egyptians who wanted to work in the call center had to move there and go to Catholic Churchs and covert. They learned how to speak and write French, and learned enough English to fill out the forms. She had a message from the President of Egypt. He said that if a Prince of Scotland was crying for his country, he didn't mind losing over 1,200 jobs. That was the summer my brother was murdered by a drug overdose and held in a position of rigor mortis to be in the same post as one of the statues the Ward family built in Merritt Park. Local people were calling me the crying candidate.
I was told that a man from Quebec showed up with a big suitcase and plugged it into their computers,
taking all the date and shutting them down. I say people in Quebec are Quebeckers and speak Quebecois.
     If this doesn't convince you that City Hall should be keeping all your financial accounts on paper that you can look at and sign, that can't be hacked and reconfigured, you can only blame yourself.

Welland Hydro Misbillings: Welland Hydro is doing something that the province was forced to pass laws for so banks wouldn't do it, and that's having their own end of the month for billing that isn't the end of the month. Banks were also doing day before and day after accounting, when now it's all in real time.
    I was paying a hydro bill for a senior who has mobility problems when a young man and woman with their new baby were there to pay their bill. They were getting angry, being told they had to pay the bill if they wanted their hydro restored, but it wasn't their end of the month, so the hydro would take another month.

That's about Welland Hydro grabbing extra cash, saying your social assistance will pay for it.

    Welland Hydro also charges $40 to restore service, when that's an employee showing up with a big key, turning it in your hydro box, taking less than five five minutes to park, turn and leave.
    Councilor Cindy Forster won the election to become Mayor because she said that the hydro board should go back to being elected, the biggest complaint by Welland citizens at the time. That didn't happen, and she took $10,000,000 from the hydro reserve fund that was never seen again. The board should be elected.
     She also blames me for her losing the next election. But I can say it was voters telling me about her new Thunderbird and her husbands' SUV they got after the city bought a new fleet of vehicles that voters didn't think the city needed, that brought them down. I was telling voters that her husband was the founding president of the Welland Chapter of the Vagabond Motorcycle Organization, dealing drugs and prostitutes, but everyone knew that already. People say everyone knows, but no-one can do anything about it.


Ontario Hydro: Ontario Hydro is mandated to be at least 40% owned by Ontario businesses and persons. That's not a controlling interest, but selling out, subsidizing hydro sales to the United States with Ontario taxpayers' money. Building generators for export with taxpayers' money, not controlling, has been Ontario Hydro for too long. As Clan Watt, I get a little static fling when I see the new Tesla statue in the Falls.
    As Kathleen Wynnes' government was starting to go down in flames, behind any news reporting, Ontario Hydro bought an electricity provider in the United States with Ontario taxpayers' money. This makes Ontario Hydro holdings expand, so that Americans can purchase the Ontario parts of Ontario Hydro, Ontario Hydro saying they still hold 40%, even if that 40% is that American electricity provider.
    Now Premier Doug Ford is saying Ontario Hydro is "on the chopping block". He's such a block-head, getting a woody wood-pecker as he rubs up against our grain. He talks about being a successful business man, having a big decal company, but that's in the United States, not Ontario. He's more of an American businessman than Canadian. Ontario Hydro was built and paid for by the people of Ontario, rate-payers, what could be another word for tax-payers. If I thought Doug Ford has a legitimate political career, not buying his way into a Conservative Party that was self-destructing in public from black-mailing strategy,
I might think that if the people of Ontario complained about this enough, he wouldn't carry it through, hoping to win the next election. But when businessmen get elected to take advantage of being an elected official,
and play the province off themselves for financial gain, by the time his first term is over it won't matter.
     This is the English of Ontario and the French of Quebec, the Family Compact, rising up all over again.
It took a Scotsman in Queenston Heights to sit them down to make Ontario and Quebec, and now it's going to take another caring and involved humanitarian to make Ontario and Quebec act responsibly as Canada.
     After MacKenzie in Queenston Heights, John A. MacDonald took over and made Canada what it is.
It appalls me to see his name now being dragged through their mud. We are a Dominion, let's be that way.