Lower Taxes

     This is going to be short and only sweet. I'm expecting you to sit back and think about it.

I know you're not thinking enough about the criminal domination of Welland, or you wouldn't be voting for them during every election and expecting Welland to turn around and become honest.

     There is a list of people in Welland who don't pay taxes.

     It seems that every year, during one city council meeting, without any debate, city council passes another list of people who don't have to pay taxes.


     Over twenty years ago, city council passed a bylaw that says the mayor and city councilors don't have to pay taxes.


     It's become traditional, during tax time, that Welland city council wants to raise taxes by five or six percent. It becomes a victory for taxpayers when the amount is reduced to three percent.

If a municipality is being properly managed, taxes won't need to be raised.

     And if everybody paid their taxes, taxes would come down.