Niagara Peninsula Food

This simple title of Niagara Peninsula food might not seem very exciting, but it is. It's killing you.

The government of the Province of Ontario knows that. They like to help it happen even faster.

That's because they would sooner collect taxes coming over the border than make the effort to build a society that not only can feed itself, but eat healthy and that means eating local.

Collecting taxes that come over the American border is just as much about setting a plate for Americans to chew up a big part of our economy, selling out the ground underneath our feet.

We have to eat.

     All you have to do is keep reading here, using the facts of your life, our lives, as the proof.

So please be forewarned, if you have enough worries about any other aspect of your life,

don't read this, because you will only be left with more than doubt about dying way too soon,

or have you or your children blow up like some new obesity balloon.

First, politics. We know now that Bob Rae, whose family are deep Liberals, went back to the Liberal Party as soon as he ran the N.D.P. to the ground, who now can do that for themselves.

The people of Ontario finally caught on to the Liberals and Conservatives, seeing them as parties not doing anything to get voted for, but waiting for the other party to get voted out. N.D.P. won.

     The first day of the sitting of the House of Parliament, Premier Bob Rae passed a lot of bills.

The percentage of pop bottles, glass and plastic, that had to be recyclable, was removed.

This, despite public trends towards recycling, conserving and being worried about the ecology.

I would add Nature, as the living system of earth that we exist without and within. Without, is the flesh of our bodies, and within is the electrical system of our brains, not the electrical system of our bodies, but the electricity that no scientist on earth can follow as the transmigration of our soul. This is that serious.

     Premier Bob Rae passed another law, saying foreign trucks didn't have to have their company name, phone number and truck identification number, painted on the sides and back. This allowed Americans to cross the border and sell without being seen as Americans, who could slap on magnetic signs with fake identities, things like that. When that activity was driving farmers to try and sell further north, or take Niagara Peninsula produce to Toronto, I was hired by a farm in Jordan to drive a cube van with employees to a market north of Toronto, when I was making signs there, to sell apples and tomatoes. I caught a lot of flack from locals, some throwing produce at us, until I went over and introduced myself to explain.

     Premier Bob Rae passed another law, about peaches and split pits, changing the definition so they could not be sold by local farmers as peaches. Americans didn't have to worry about canned and frozen, packaged already, and that could be repackaging foreign produce. His government did not care that American farmers were dumping their produce for less than half price, for the few weeks when peninsula crops ripened and should be sold, forcing them to sell for less than half price just to sell something. Many farms went bankrupt as this progressed. I should have told you before that three sign shops on the Canadian side that painted American trucks went under.

     Even when the State of New York had moderate laws about naked women in public as work, Ontario passed a law saying it was legal to be totally naked onstage. And then it became about being totally naked offstage. And then it became about lap dancing and not touching. And then it became about private V.I.P. rooms and not touching. And then it became about touching.

If you have a little dick that likes to do tricks and go squirt, you're a sexual idiot. Psycho-sexual!

     The government of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney passed a law, saying there was one profession in Canada that didn't have enough workers. This allowed any elected or government official traveling overseas to immediately bring this professional with them back to Canada, however they were traveling. What was this needed profession? Exotic dancers, male and female. Your taxes paid for a lot of little tricks. This is edible in a different way, food for your thoughts.

     I could go on, but this is the most dangerous part of our diet, partying, and partying politics.

For international viewers, partying means the sex and drugs without the rock and roll.

     Never mind that the Niagara Peninsula is already the cancer capital of Canada. That's the result of all the factories that worked around the clock during the world wars. All the brain wasting diseases are the result of the intense electrical grids we live in with microwave radiation from the sky, that the people of the peninsula have been living with for generations of lives.

An electrical explanation.

     There are no waterfalls in Scotland. Geologists estimate that the island of Scotland was the first land to emerge from primal seas, Australia's Ayer's Rock being next. Engineers came to Canada to the Niagara Escarpment to use the highest elevation that dropped to the valley below Brock University. Those two square concrete tubes are what they built to bring water down for a first application of big generators, and that equipment still powers the valley and the new station built beside it. After finding success with that, it was on to Niagara Falls.

     All this means is that people in the Niagara Peninsula have the first commercial hydro in the world, a rampant end user system that sells our health to make you more billable. When Russia was being portrayed as the evil society, their hydro had rules for limiting the exposure of workers to high voltage, sometimes allowing just one year, when Ontario had none.

    My use of end user might not insult you. It should. When Adam Beck was the head of the first commercial hydro generator at Niagara Falls, when it was finished, there was a stone monument with these words, "When you pay for the copper wire and wooden pole to your house, electricity will be as free as the water over Niagara Falls". He became Sir Adam Beck when that stone was hidden in storage, so they say, and the population began to be billed. How many times are you paying for the same electricity into your house, and what's in the air all around you?

     When the technology of your lives is based on American spy devices, how can society evolve in a responsible and proper manner? If you think your online is safe, you only have your back up against their firewall.


Niagara Peninsula food fights.

    The statistics and estimates of anthropologists and the Federal Government of Canada, are what I'm seeing as justifying my own opinion. There will be food fights in the Niagara Peninsula in the next five or six years, unless we change. How can the billable end users end up this way?

     First, because so many good paying jobs were lost after the second world war, the people of the Niagara Peninsula have been mostly living on poverty diets. If you eat food made from powders, bleached white rice, bread and pasta, that's not only poverty food, it's cancer causing, what it takes to bleach out all the colour, and most of the medicinal goodness. When you see me typing about medicinal goodness, that's only true for everything we should be eating from our environment. There were no diseases for humans in North America until Europeans brought their Dark Age diseases with them, with Jesuit priests and conquistadors spreading them to eradicate native populations. The Maya, Aztecs, and tribes of South America, were spiritual, artistic and scientific societies, not the running dogs with no language or prayer European royalty and the Vatican said they were. It took laser telescopes to improve on their measurements to the sun and moon by miles. It took an atomic clock to improve on their measurements of the days and months, by twenty-four seconds. Maya invented the number zero we still use today. By the time Jesuit priests and conquistadors got to them, this civilization of over 27,000,000 was reduced to 5,000,000 in five years. Too bad, that these people who never experienced disease looked so good. Spaniards began raping their women and men after three days, thinking they knew where the "Fountain of Youth" was.

     I'm using the Maya as a Central American example of health, as much as saying we should be listening to the natives of this native land, The Mohawk, to be growing more medicinal produce for our health. I'm also using the Maya as an example of being the worst genocide in the entire history of the human race, hoping to get away from American brain-washing about the Mediterranean.

     Beyond eating too much poverty food, never mind the artificial foods with no goodness, we eat produce from California. California grows and buys unripe produce and uses nuclear radiation to make it look like it's ripening, when it's not, it's just doing that old microwave thing, only on a faster conveyor belt. Someone has to subsidize the American war effort, and sometimes you're doing that with every bite you eat. Do I have to type about radiation warnings?

     The State of California is already posturing itself as breaking up into four states because of

the lack of water. Most of the new irrigation that has drained aquifers and dams is going to almond orchards to sell chocolate covered almonds around the world. Do you think, when their farming output isn't enough for Californians, they are going to keep shipping some to the peninsula?

All California has to do is stop shipping food to Ontario, and a big percentage of people will starve.

     As billable end users, I don't see everyone running out to a field and starting to raise their own crops, no, people in the Niagara Peninsula will start rioting and fighting and looking for something for nothing, because they're hungry and have families to feed. Can you accept this? The people of the Niagara Peninsula already don't want to work on farms, many preferring to subsist on social assistance payments without working on farms to earn it, as it used to be. Offshore people are brought in who aren't citizens, don't have the rights of citizens, don't have the money to sue after being sexually abused or being told that performing oral sex is part of a job, a real Welland thing.

     Offshore people who have a feel for the big sugar cane, the rice paddies of the Orient and Caribbean, or the tomato fields of Europe, can't be expected to contribute the knowledge of our native land and it's agricultural history, or the skinny little trees the British like to grow so they are easy to pick. McCormicks Nursery in Fonthill used to be the biggest nursery and the largest distributor of seeds in Canada, mostly mail order. Some of the saplings they would sell kept growing. I know where there is what looks like a forest, but it began in rows, and there are cherry trees over sixty feet tall with cherries growing all over like clusters of grapes. At six feet tall,

I have to use a broken branch to pull some down before I can start eating. And believe me, except for those Jewish black cherries they use to make ceremonial wine, that I have to beat the birds along the Niagara Gorge to eat, these Fonthill black cherries are the best.

     There is wild rice, wild water chestnuts, sweet acorns, the squash, pumpkins, corn and beans that are native to our land, what carry the goodness of the earth around us. May I remind you, that before the white man came here there were no human diseases, and that's mostly because native people only ate the food of their environment that kept them not only in tune with their ecosystem, but within the realm of The Great Spirit, when eating live is consuming the living energy of Nature, what is another word for god. There are many gods and goddesses on this earth, but only one Nature that encompasses all of us and those we have Dominion over.

Our nature. Our home.. and native land. The Federal Government has that precedent. Let's use it.

And I have to remind you of this, according to the Holy Bible. Jesus of Nazareth described god as being a system and a device for our eternal soul, the electricity of our brains.

     This is Biblical, but you should understand. The Holy Bible was assembled to be prophecy for our times, as we are now living in the worst of times. Revelation was about the fall of the Roman Empire. An authentic Holy Bible has a few long chapters after that. I'll show you mine if you want.

     The story, the myth, about Noah saving all life on earth, see that, all life on earth, was to get two of every living creature, male and female, into his ark to save the world. See that, two of everything. This was a world-wide storm. The Haida of northern British Columbia describe their survivors as climbing the mountains and hanging on to the tops of the tallest trees.

     When I ask everyone from Bishops to missionaries what creature Noah let go first, almost everyone says a white dove or a white dove with an olive branch. That's just not true.

He let a black bird go that never came back, saying it was to calm the raging waters and trembling mountains. Just one black bird, with never any mention of a mate. Hmmm!

     Why does every native from the arctic in Canada to the tip of South America, have a legend about a black bird, a crow or raven, that brought down the sun and calmed the storms? What kind of two, a duality, can this represent? It means that the natives of the new world lived within the bounds of the good earth that is their native land, the other side of the world, the other half, where we saw that and tried to genocide them.

     If modern self-described Christians can see that when the white man came to the other side of the world, he brought diseases and bad technology that wasn't there, maybe everyone will realize who should be running everything here, for the betterment of all. Maybe everyone will realize that we have to start thinking in terms of living in North America and start living as if we did.

     When I say genocide, standard British military practice for Canada, when meeting new natives, was to walk up and shoot a warrior in the head, killing him and demonstrating what a gun was. Natives wouldn't fight back right away, going away to wait for orders from the women's group. Yes, all these tribes of natives, even the mighty Mohawk, our local tribe, did not make a move without directions from the women's group. They had no chiefs, a British word.

     Two of everything. Both sides of this bipolar world we live on.

Oh great spirit, that I have heard, with an Inuit Elder, far away, out on arctic ice, and my heavenly father and mother who come to me in dreams, your love keeps me strong, and I obey every word. I'd be crazy not to. We all are looking towards the day when the shadow of the valley is lifted,

and the green pastures that were promised to us all are under our feet again, when they never were before, in North America. I cry out loud for the restoration of this good earth. Will these people read me and understand? The last time, you gave me one word, communicate, and I'm trying the best I can. But I am weak, walking the streets of Welland, where I don't poison myself. I'm afraid to use the photos and video recordings.

How to solve this problem, if you want to.

      Before I get into the politics and farming, let me share some advice about overcoming the worst effects of all this negative food. Everyone who knows me knows I live my life to go to sleep when I'm tired and eat when I'm hungry. I like to eat when I'm hungry because my body tells me what to eat, and how much. I haven't reached the point, where like the Elders, Brujedos and Shaman of the native south, as described by the anthropologist Carlos Castenedas in his books "Tales of Don Juan, tales of Sourcery", where the foods around you are saying eat me, eat me. Well, some cherry trees and one plum tree in a forest in Thorold, I know so well do that. They must, if I'm standing in the dark with my hand out, eating the ones that fall off into my hands.

     When I was poisoned a couple of times in a row, as a protest mayoral candidate in Welland,

I had two sets of lengthy blood and urine tests. I was sitting there quietly waiting for results, when a practitioner walked in, looking all excited, saying Mr. Watt, Mr. Watt, you're creating some medical excitement around here. You have perfect blood. I said no-one has perfect blood. He said yes you do, putting down his stack of folders and pulling one out, unfolding a wide and deep chart.

There was a line down the middle I would have thought was the folder, but he said no, take a look.

His description of perfect blood meant that the straight line down the middle was my results, a perfect straight line, showing I didn't have too much of a negative quality or too much of a positive. And that's being over sixty years old. Now do you want some free old man advice?

    Sure, taking off, pulling an all-nighter, bike-hiking with my chiropractic bicycle, thanks to Doctor Salanki in Port Colborne, who helped me design it, getting bored staring at the wall, is something you probably can't do, drinking the live, organic waters of the peninsula and chewing your way through the scenery. Here's some New York inspired advice. Yeah, the city that never sleeps.

     Do you remember when vapourizers first came out, a big New York thing. That began with people being told to heat up their medication, and sitting over what basically was a hot bowl with vapours coming up, putting a towel over your head to breathe deeply, getting the most into your lungs, as safely as possible. Right away, that became about inhaling cocaine.

     If we are living in the worst cancer area in Canada, and cranberries are one of the best cancer fighting and free radical removing foods a human can eat, why not give yourself an infusion to beat back your food confusion, and inhale the steam as you boil them. It smells sweet. My lungs like it.

     Yeah, Betty Crocker, take off your pearl necklace and bleached and dyed wavy hair, and start telling us how to eat food that doesn't cut short our lives. Not everyone is like me, someone who worked with Mohawks for over a year and a half, being able to talk peninsula with them.

     The City of Welland, the worst city in Canada for putting the partying into politics, where the drugs come from, owes everyone they have sickened a responsibility, and the city has the potential to produce just as much good food as manufactured white powders.

     Look at the abandoned canal, not the Federal-Provincial Park it was negotiated to be, hiring steel plant and Carbide workers who were laid off, politics co-operating to send jobs to Quebec and the States. Just like the massive and international business it used to be, it's going to take a massive and international business to be as much work, and that could be divided into fish farms.

Fresh water fish farms, not the salt water ecosystems used to raise "artificial fish".

     I was tripping around Port Dover with a girl-friend when Mr. Scott Misener himself got fed up with new provincial laws that wouldn't let Ontario harvest fish for locals or overseas. He went out in his own boat with a net and got charged $80,000 for illegal fishing. The government of Ontario can ban perch and pickerel as being too polluted for consumer use, and then ship them to Sweden to collect taxes, with Sweden selling too polluted fish to Boston, where people won't eat the fish out of Boston Harbour, shipping them to us.

     Perch and pickerel grow wild in the canal, the most populous fish there used to be, so they should be easy to raise in a fish farm, especially when your fish farm is bigger than most lakes and rivers in Ontario, and can be scientifically controlled. I saw a young man and woman walking down King Street in Welland one afternoon, carrying a five foot muskellunge. If the City of Welland had any concern for the people of Welland, other than having sex with their children, that should have been promoted as a real chance for game fishing. When that famous fisherman with his famous television show, travelling around Ontario, came to Welland, when he was in his room all his gear and trailer were stolen. That's a small example of Welland's contribution to peninsula society.

     I'm still a little upset about my 1970 friends in Rush, and the St. Catharines drummer they hired, someone a lot of people at the Atlas Hotel jammed with during matinees. At the Welland arena, after being robbed inside and from their truck outside, and not getting paid what was contracted, they were yelling and swearing as they drove past Rose Festival officials, with Neil Peart yelling we'll never come back.

     If all any city did was hire people to drive around with dump trucks and load them up with the roadside produce no-one harvests, there would be more food.

     Federal Liberal-Conservative governments are so corrupt, selling out Canadians to collect offshore taxes, the fast cash, there isn't even a cannery left in Canada. Why say that?

     If the Regional Government of the Niagara Peninsula decided to promote the building of a new cannery, not only would it be the only cannery, you could call it Canada's #1, the biggest one, the best one, whatever. But, as the sales of American produce show, people in the peninsula like tomatoes. If the tomato fields of Welland, and the property of the old tomato packing factory were rebuilt, with co-operation of local retailers, how big a business could that be?

     Think of any other product that has over-whelmed our peninsula from overseas, just what people want to buy. A peninsula company could be the only one making that in Canada, using past injustices, what could be called treason to the sovereignty of our country, for our benefit.

     That's the main priority of any government, feeding the people.

     How many different kinds of food are there? End users will say fresh and frozen, or eat-in and take-out. Others might say cooked or raw, or fat building and energy giving. Bulk or bachelor pack.

Family or single. Digital or roadside cash. It's all here, in the Niagara Peninsula, and more.

     But what is the real difference between foods. There is food that is alive and has the energy of nature in it, and food that is dead, just nutrition. The French have the only European language that has a word for eating food that is alive, while all the natives of North America have many,

for all the different foods they ate that kept them disease free, and looking like the most beautiful people alive. That's the main reason I bike-hike to eat for real, I feel lighter on my feet and happier, singing out loud, vocalizing with the creatures of the forest, smelling Welland downwind, and after a couple of days in the dirty city I start to slow down a little.

     That's right, I'm now 65 years old, and when I feel an all-nighter coming on I get the bike out and after it gets dark, ride along the canal to Allanburg, not going into bushfire parties to party or walk home with wandering young women, I cross the bridge and get to Niagara Falls, where I can take a break, usually having the Falls to myself. I'll ride and walk to Fort Erie, loving to see the huge sunrise over the river, and twice last summer, not one car passed me all the way, feeling like the river was a lake and I had the whole world to myself. It was a painting I did of a night sky over that river, that got me an invitation to show at Rodman Hall.

the northern rain always cools.

standing here alone I need it, to whet my burning heart,

so my mind, like a late white floe down summers' Niagara,

can shine in radiant splendour, before the final Falls.

     Are you, uh, afraid to drink real water? Maybe you're so upscale billable you'd enjoy the spring waters found around the peninsula. Don't be fooled by provincial works that make it seem like there are little pipes stuck in the side of the escarpment, where it takes a while to fill a bottle. There are many abandoned quarries along the escarpment that fill with spring water that could be emptied and refilled to be a peninsula wide product. The City of Welland buried a spring on First Avenue.

     Need I remind you, that when the craze about bad city water was being pushed to drive everyone to the bottled water coming up from the States, it was Evian. Evian was advertised as being French spring water in fancy plastic bottles. It wasn't. It came from a tap in an American factory. The name Evian is naive backwards, yeah, those comedic Americans. I found that out when I was painting the process blue Kinetico on the side of that bottled water company when they were first built.

     I don't want to detract from businesses that are keeping jobs going, and this isn't all Kinetico, but doesn't the thought of water that has been chemically or electrically killed so that it is clear looking and doesn't have any flavour at all, seem kind of ridiculous? I don't know anyone who turned into a sweaty Tom Cruise or Jane Fonda workout that way.

      As far as eating and drinking local, it's also about having to use all the plastic, when a big percentage of Americans don't know plastic is made out of oil. If American and Canadian soldiers are dying by committing suicide in a digital war about the oil, we should have more respect for plastic and try not to make anything new out of it, especially anything artificial or offshore.

     My favorite peninsula water, every day all year, is the rising bottom water of Lake Erie as rounding into the Niagara River at Waverly Beach. Waverly Beach was also popular with natives because the sandy point always has a breeze from the fast current, without any bugs.

     If you are familiar with lake waves, mixed with sediment, or the lower and high tides, you'll say he can't be walking out there in cold water to get past that, up to his head, just for a drink.

     Waverly Beach was a tourist attraction, with long concrete retaining walls that went out into the lake and along the shore, for swimming, using chlorine for the first time, calling it scientific swimming, bacteria free. That was mostly for people from Buffalo and the Americans who wrongfully own Point Abino, and much of the Lake Erie shoreline property. Just like Crystal Beach, overrun by American gangsters and "frat fights" that killed people, Waverly Beach was closed and torn down. When I filled in for a band playing lead guitar in the seventies, at the Waverly Beach Hotel, the only original building left standing, Waverly Beach reminded me of a big science fiction movie, Planet of the Apes, seeing all the ancient, huge trees in stone circles, all the concrete walkways and building foundations, the two story dance hall, the walkway into the lake, a world of concrete all starting to be covered in sand and lower vegetation. I'd take people from Welland out there and it freaked a lot of people out.

     But if you walk out where there were retaining walls, one side is current blocked, and you can get out far enough in any weather to reach down and scoop some up. When I drink that, I don't feel it reach my stomach. It disappears somewhere down my throat and I feel good. Instant happiness. Yeah, Lake Erie water, what a product concept! You're not going to drain that one.

     Sifting along with the sand, being a deep pressure, mixing with the bottom plants and all the living organisms and creatures, not the surface oils and chemicals of pollution and lake boats,

Lake Erie bottom water is a totally rare and singular resource that for us, just won't end.

     That's the lake end, not you end users. You've got an expiry date on your food, and yourself.

I'm adding this in sympathy for people who are only end users. Using the Google C.I.A. spy technology that gives you satellite views for free, the only area of the Niagara Peninsula that comes up 100%, is the border along the Niagara River and a little towards Crystal Beach. If you look at Waverly Beach from the sky, you can see more underwater retaining walls than you can see from the shore. If you know where those are, you can walk into the lake very far. That's still a major corridor for migrating birds and fish, and that's where I see the fish. A 230 pound sturgeon was pulled ashore one summer, slow and dying, following the warm water and small fish.

     When I talk like this, pedophiles and everything, talking out as a protest mayoral candidate in Welland, at one debate with four city councillors as candidates, the audience would only clap for me. They were told to stop clapping after two questions had been answered by all, and some of my talking was found to be off topic, and my mike was turned off. The Tribune only printed, at the end of a long, manufactured article of lies, that I rambled on about long-haired daze in rock bands.

I used to be a professional musician living in Toronto, playing a left-handed guitar I put together, and I'm still a non-smoker, non-drinker, not even coffee or tea, a vegetarian when I can be.

The students of Notre Dame learned a real political lesson that day, between locker searches and appearances by school board members who act protective with physically attractive students.

     Food. Our flesh desires and needs it. Why not feel the love? Before the white man tried to make the Niagara Peninsula into their homelands, the most populous tree was the white walnut,

the sweet walnut, part of the canopy of trees. Why not try to bring that back, with horticulture the students at the Niagara Horticulture College are capable of, or if you billables are impatient, spend the money to D.N.A. zap them into a better immunity. All of the animals and trees of the peninsula will really be grateful. So will I. I know where some are, but they're too inland for me, along Lake Erie bike-hikes, and the two I know in the city of Welland are in back yards now owned by people I don't know. Yeah, if I had food growing in my back yard that I to fight off squirrels to get, I'd know it was the good stuff. I like squirrels. Squirrels can live to be over twenty-five years old and stay faithfull to their wives and family, even if a mate is killed too young, and they've saved more up for a rainy day than almost all of the people in Welland.
     Squirrel meat. Are you going to eat it? They are already talking about the one mammal that isn't being harvested in the disUnited States, that still lives in communities of millions. Bats.

     This protein will eventually help you find your way in the dark. Do you eat bat? Does your cat eat bat? Is the bat in your hat, while you really are eating green eggs and Spam?

     Chirp... chirp... is that you doing that? Have you been eating cricket flour?

            Has your roach motel gotten so big you've moved in to bar-be-que them?

Crispy critters... now in supermarkets in Toronto, cooking tips in the Star, now crawling your way.

I recommend a buck a beer to accompany them. You're going to need medicinal marijuana.

It's a good thing your TV and screens keep displaying on their own. You can't get up to click them.

Are you starting to turn water into whine, seeing prices go up for disposable plastic containers?

     All this powdered bug talk is making me feel dry. When the rain stops, I'll take a cup and fill it up with water from orange tiger lilies, after those hummingbirds finish dropping nectar on my lips.

Look at that band of homeless, roving meth-heads from Welland! Sushi squirrel! 

Please don't let any self-imposed standards of dignity and respect,

deter your enjoyment here. No fontiferous trees were used in the making.