Welland Tribunes

     The criminals who dominate Welland wouldn't get away with everything they want to do,

if there was a legitimate and honest newspaper in Welland.

     This Evening Tribune photo and article illustrates the depth of deception Welland suffers under.

If you recognize the room at the old city hall where meetings were held, and where candidates and supporters waited for election results, you will see this is the room where I am sitting.

     Mark Wood, a Centennial graduate who worked for the Hamilton newspaper, was setting up his equipment when I got there, being the second person to be there for the nights' events.

     Yes, the Terminator was a hot movie at the time. I didn't say I'll be back like Arnold did.

I did say the votes I received were from thoughtful people.

     If you can see it, those fun-boys at the Tribune made my face wider with white, and used

a black slash in my neck to make it look like, as I was told, someone was going to cut my head off.

That must be about the reference to me sticking my head out.

     By the time the votes started coming in, this room was full. The only reason I went there

and sat alone was to let people see me and see what being poisoned did to me. Making my

face white covered up a lot, and I'm looking as bad as I felt. That's not the story they used.