This explains how two new Ontario Provincial laws were created as part of my political and criminal
experience as a victimized mayoral candidate in Welland, and as an invited friend outside of Welland.

A Hamilton television and radio station has an annual staff party. One year, it was an employee who
owned a house in Port Dalhousie, his backyard leading down to Henley Harbour, who was the host.
I was invited, and was told I didn't have to bring my guitar, just hang out and meet with people.
There were sails tied up in the trees to make more shade. A banquet caterer was behind the house,
and a Caribbean island caterer was on the other side. A big stage made of deckwood had been built
along the high fence, the P.A., the entertainment, everyone and everything being very professional.
     An elderly woman approached me, saying you're John Watt. If you are the man you say you are,
you should help my friend, the mother of a family that is tearing themselves apart. She pointed out
one of the daughters so I went over to introduce myself as another professional musician. It was
easy to see there was a horrible problem. I went with this woman to her mothers' house, and got
to know this large and wealthy family. They had public businesses with hundreds of employees, many
businesses that all the family members individually owned, while one worked as a manager for one of
the biggest businesses in St. Catharines.
     What was tearing them apart was their involvement in the Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka arrests.
One of them owned the house they rented. Paul Bernardos' lawyer blackmailed this person by saying
that Paul Bernardo would keep paying the rent, and sooner or later their mother would find out, as well
as the general public. He said if she used her key to let him in when the police weren't there, for an hour,
he would stop paying the rent and she could demolish the house, what she wanted to do. That's how
the "missing tapes" were removed. The lawyer didn't give them to the court as evidence, and that's how

Karla Homolka got a lighter sentence that again angered the people of St. Catharines.
     St. Catharines was experiencing a deep culture shock. I could walk down Queen and Church Street,

where all the government businesses, court houses and police stations are, on a sunny afternoon,
and not make eye contact with one person, everyone diverted by the continuing horrors that were being
revealed. When I found out which bridge, out in the country, that Paul Bernardo used to dispose of body
parts covered in concrete, I stopped using that road, one of my favorite farmers' roads to DeCew Falls.
     After visiting with this family a few times, being accepted, I called Alan Lee, an O.P.P. officer.
He came to my sign-painting shop in Port Colborne twice in two weeks, saying he had to protect me
while a drug dealer in Niagara Falls was threatening to kill me before he was arrested. He brought my
favorite pop and a nice donut each time, making it very easy to really like him and feel relaxed. For me,
being relaxed, even meditative, is next to being creative as an artist, sign-painter and musician.
He told me to keep working while he waited.
     When I told him about this lawyer and how he got the tapes, he said would I repeat that to someone
he would want to report to. I agreed. After being interviewed and investigated, because Welland police
write me up as a criminal, I ended up being part of a legal telephone call, having to swear an oath to tell
the truth, while Provincial lawyers, Paul Bernardos' lawyers and court employees were on the other end,
a legal court conference call. I was questioned and thought I wasn't pushed very hard. After a few days,
I was hunted down by telephone to be told I was a good witness and the government succeeded.
     A few months later I received another parliamentary assistant telephone call, asking to speak with me,
and I could hear a party in the background, people saying cheers and John Watt, yeah! This assistant

said they were amazed that a telephone call from an Ontario citizen could result in a new law for the
province. He said that as Crown employees, defense lawyers were understood to be handing in all their
evidence, but now, after this new law, it was against the law to not hand in all the evidence. This was
also amazing for me, hearing this telephone call, hearing about this new law, but everyone who knows me
knows I always have something more to say... oh yeah... like it or not.
     Right away I said are you saying you owe me a law? It got quiet. He said what do you mean. I said
you're saying you passed a new law because of me, so I feel you owe me one. He said what do you mean.
I explained about Welland, talking for two minutes, telling him about The Ward Family, their judges, crown
attorneys, lawyers, Cindy Forster and her husband, founding president of the Vagabonds, Peter Kormos,
how the founding president of Satans' Choice in St. Catharines became a long time leader of the Welland
Chamber of Commerce and provincial Conservative Party candidate, the Italian and French mobs, the
Red Riders, Outlaws, Hells' Angels, describing a city dominated by known members of criminal organizations.
     He was agreeing about this serious criminal history, the background was still quiet, so I kept talking.
I said you have a precedent in the Province of Quebec for my new law. They were having a hard time
convicting Hells' Angels when there was a very violent and public gang war, so they passed a law making

it a crime to commit a crime in the name of a criminal organization. I said where do you think some of these
Hells' Angels went when they wanted to take over a new territory, here in Welland where the clubhouse is,
and the entire Niagara Peninsula, already old territory for The Ward Family.
     This telephone call ended with mutual goodbyes. Maybe a month later I received another telephone call,
asking to speak with me, and this parliamentary assistant said I should look in the Toronto Star the next day,
in the first section. When I did that, I saw an article about the province passing this new law. That's when
three members of The Ward Family were arrested and convicted as life in prison, with another brother getting
sixteen years. I had never met these men or used their names in any way, but my life was made to suffer,
and while it was mostly their drug addicts doing their bidding, it was police acting illegally who hurt the most.
     Six months after the legal court conference call, a Sergeant Bob Kollee from Burlington telephoned me.
He said the Province of Ontario owed me a big favour, and if I needed one I could call him. I said is this
something like if I get a traffic ticket you can make it go away, and he said yes. I said I wouldn't do that.
If I broke the law I should be held accountable, and if I was that kind of person, I wouldn't have phoned
the O.P.P. in the first place. I said if it was up to me, I would have let Paul Bernardo walk out of court into
the crowd of people gathered there every day, and let them tear him apart. That would have saved
taxpayers over $7.5 million dollars in court costs, and the many marriages and brutal social interactions
would not have happened. He agreed with that.
     One year after the legal court conference call, I received another telephone call asking to speak with me.
This parliamentary assistant said he wanted to tell me what happened overall. He said that copies of those
tapes had showed up in New York city, and those involved were arrested. He said there was no law about

defense lawyers handing in all the evidence when those crimes occurred, so they went after those two
lawyers. He said the female lawyer had a nervous breakdown after six months and would never practice
law again, and the male lawyer was bankrupt and lost his marriage. I am never happy to hear about the
misfortune of others, but it was interesting to learn how governance was working overall in Ontario.

Two New Laws