These artworks and images of historic illuminations, can both be called illuminations,

as the illuminated writings of monks, the illuminated paintings of the Sistine Chapel,

to the illuminated electrical displays of the Niagara Parks Commission in Niagara Falls.

These can only illuminate your mind as to the reality of the duality in all of our lives.

The word sissy was inspired by the Sistine Chapel, a genre called "penile artwork".

You can decide what to call the AC-DC illuminations of Teslant electricity in your city.

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The electricity of the sun and inside every thing living it shines on, is called direct current. It is an ion, one sphere, the positive. The tail is called a negative. When the ion travels, rubbing against the flesh of our brains and wires, particles rub off, forming a comet-like tail. Nicola Tesla weaponized ionization as doubling it, now direct current with alternating current, AC-DC. How in tune with the universe is your flow? Black holes are not holes, but negative ions. The earth is a positive ion. There are no such thing as worm-holes in outer space. The free release of AC-DC electricity, every- thing from illuminated signs to everything that it makes shine, creates a form of electrical pollution. When gravity makes enough free release AC-DC gather as invisible pools on earth, they will snap at your as static electricity does, and when they get large enough, they will have enough charge to kill living things.That's why Adam Becks' generators were shut down, on our Canadian side. 

The ancient Egyptians, like all the natives around the Mediteranean, painted all of their buildings and statues, and standing here in front of the Adam Beck generating station, seeing it all orange, made my interior ionization coalesce as thinking this looks like the natural desert stone they are made of. However, this is Niagara Falls. In Las Vegas, there

really is a life-size Egyptian Sphinx and pyramid, as Noahs' two of everything propogates.


Compared to victims of the Holy Roman Empire, now a country called The Vatican,

every other native tribe on earth understands the travel of their souls, what happens to the electricity of our beings, when our flesh decays enough to fail to support it. Similar descriptions of where that goes are found around the world. This fails to translate when your brain has been made to incapacitate, or understand. When that happens, you lose your emotions about it, and become ambivalent. This only very expensive illuminated light show is clearly wrong, and is Noah waving a candy cane? When I talk about the two of everything Noah is said to be about, this is clearly a North Americanized vision of reality.

The Niagara Parks Commission has taken to promoting itself as being a historic and parks corporation, proud to use profits from its' ownership of Niagara River property, from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Americans can enjoy the corporate side of their river, and use the water for their hydro generation, while Canadians get jobs cutting the grass.

I'm positive that Ontario voters would vote a big no to this excessive use of electricity.

This section of the ceiling is called "The Birth of Adam".

I dont' see any of Eves' vulva, necessary for humanity to evolve as evolution.


My father said it was the shame of Scottish people, to hide more of the truth about the lives of those political refugees who fled to their island, to the Hebredis Islands, after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. What was found under the temple of Solomon, to the forty ocean going ships laden with their properties and ancient objects of their history, that came to Scotland, to the inheritances of the Knights Templar and Masons,

are not displayed, unless you count the ridiculous mis-direction of the Stone of Scone.

     The Psalms of David is followed by two other chapters. One is called translations and paraphrases in verse, quotes of these Jewish refugees, saying you can use them to create your own hymns. When the Psalms of David and these quotes are said to be in verse, being in verse means they have the same poetic flow as the original Torah, and are the only English translations in the entire Holy Bible like that. Jesus of Nazareth said that god is many mansions, and we all are forgiven, our souls travelling to an above the earth heaven. When you think of the white light that is the travel of electricity, that's what you see as your flesh decays and your capacity moves out into earths' magnetic fields, a graphic illumination you probably have rarely ever seen, more about satellites and sending space-craft to plant the American flag on other planets as ownership, unless you are thinking Star Trek and Star Wars, where being caught by gravity in orbit is a dangerous, and now, computer generated visual entertainment. More and more, Niagara Falls is being diverted to illluminate your diversions as brain filler, to pacify you,

so that the reality around you, as it is only polluted and controlled, is a profit for them.

   At the same time that a "black man" can be shot by police in New York City, 44 times, when he was standing in front of his apartment door without a weapon, men were raping women on the sidewalks of Times Square and around the city. When people who have their heads shoved up the screens of their hand-held devices started to gather to send visuals and text about it, New York passed a law making it illegal to witness such a crime and not report it. Are you accepting the hacking and attacking of other countries, by the disUnited States of America with Canada and Canadians, because it's only just another visualization, not representing all our hearts as our dominion over our earth?

When you think of a Crowland that no longer exists in the Niagara Peninsula, where the awe-full Niagara Falls creates an upstream vacuum of water displacement that negates aquatic travel from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, two of the greatest lakes on our planet, you can think of that one black bird that Noah let go, and all the black birds, ravens and crows, that are no longer just one, but are gone, as many species genocide every day.

These are the restored colours of the paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

When Europeans began to read the Holy Bible in English, that was also translated into their languages, the protestant movement, Vatican priests burned lamps to blacken the ceiling, just wiping clean the faces to show who the paintings were about. When you see the dark paintings of European artists of those times, that's because they wanted to copy gods' artwork, as ordained by the Vatican. The Vatican still names this genre of art as penile artwork, and I'm being font-less here, letting you use your own imagination.

Except to say, that is you living in a hut with a dirt floor, and saw this pornography,

it would only excite you to suck-come, sorry, succumb, to the will or their holy overseers.

And as for the believers who see, a womans' place in a mans' life is clearly illuminated.

It looks like the strain of trying to imagine the penis of the most perfect man ever born on earth, was too much for Vatican authorities, or it was decided it was too much for you to handle. Maybe you can help the angel of erections decide which symbolic shape would look best on Adam. Here in Canada, we have the Greenpeace Organization instead.

This section is called The Sacrifice of Noah, and you can see where getting horny comes from. You talk about ramming it, bending over backwards for someone, or stabbing your enemy to death and having sex with the wound, I would be looking up towards the top left-hand corner, to see the bull, horses and is that an elephant trunk curving up?

Look at that righteous stare of that papal bull, staring at you to force you to look away.

Mind games forever. Is that fire for burning poppies for their heroin, opium and morphine?

When you read the living word and see that it never mentions all this narcotic use,

as well as never saying what happens when you look into the eyes of Jesus of Nazareth,

you should really begin to wonder why. That's what the living word is supposed to do,

make you think for yourself and make your own decisions about your life, as for others.

And before you think I'm stretching my, uh, imagination a little too much, the most famous sword-fighters got erections while they fought, and Bishops of Europe and other Holy Roman Empire rulers, oh yeah, the measurement thing again, would stuff their dead enemies and sit them around tables, so they could dine with them as proof of their greatness, or lie with them as sex toys while they were still fresh.

That was the first accomplishment of Jesus of Nazareth, getting rid of pagan activities.

That's also why those "missing years" of his life aren't known to you, rarely advertised.