The Wisdom of History

Good afternoon. It's Sunday afternoon, and Sunday has always been a Sunday for me, if nothing else,

a very reliable day, just for the way it makes me feel. The way I was raised, my father and mother not working on Sunday, going on family picnics, all the family and clan being there, only brings me peace.

I can tell what day of the week it is, waking up on a Sunday morning. If you don't understand why I'm saying reliable, and the love of my parents and clan keeps me strong, here's something for you.

The love in my heart, the loves of my life, also keep me strong. I don't own or need any pornography.

     When Welland had the biggest economy of any city in the peninsula, all the steel factories during and after the war, all the denim and clothing factories, businesses weren't open Wednesday morning.

I know businessmen who said Wednesday was their reliable day, getting to sleep in. That's when store owners might drive out of the city for product or warrantee replacements, or get together for business meetings with other businessmen.

     Now that the Welland economy has more shoppers shopping without buying anything, what I'm hearing a lot, why not pull back and make Sunday the day off for everyone, as it is supposed to be.

     Despite using what Moses came down the mountain with, and listing them up as the ten commandments, we just use and abuse them. Sure, it's easy to understand not killing someone,

but the first commandment is keeping Sunday holy. That means family. If families could have a reliable day for themselves, everyone's life would be uplifted. If I was mayor, I'd invite all our businessmen and the public to the Welland arena, and using my own sound system, ask for a show of hands as a vote,

to see if everyone wanted Sunday off.

     When businesses aren't making as much money, why keep former business hours. And if everyone was closed on the same day, there would be the same level of sales competition. And think of all the energy resources that could be turned down or off. Financial savings.

     What I'd like to do, even if I had to drive the bus, is invite people without vehicle transportation to climb aboard and go to a long beach along Lake Erie, picnic at Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake, not only enjoying all the nature around you, but see some Canadian history. New Canadians should be there and see everything we grew up with. However, as being Gaelic, I would say that if enough people from their country want a ride so they can congregate to speak their language, picnic with their own food, that would be nice. It would be better than my cooking.

     Did that sound like wisdom, talking about the first commandment? Or was that Proper English?

Maybe you see it as common sense, or was that Plain English? Here are some stories about wisdom,

with my Proper English comments. You can decide if you are on the side of wisdom, or not.

     As far as inventing a word, please see that wisdom comes after window, looking into your soul. Changing the "w" to "m" is the reversal of the truth of your soul, to the truth about life on earth.

Some people can think that's where using "Mc" and "Mac" comes from, as descendants of that truth.

I won't say, a sad thought for me. My paternal name starts with a "W" and ends with two crosses.

     It is Sunday, so let's start off with the Holy Bible, to see if you have wisdom or catechism. Yeah, catechism, if you understand Latin, a schism is a deep cut in rock that divides. 

This is an easy one. Even my Host wants us to understand. The Wisdom of Solomon. The new Canadian dictionary has "Solomon, noun, a wise person". It's official. I'm going to convince you he wasn't even smart.

But when you are a Vatican country, not a church, trying to use "being a Christian", and speaking Latin in other countries where the people didn't understand, you could cherry pick parts and make them your command. Setting up Solomon as the wisest man in the Holy Bible, only let them act like they were wiser than you. Yeah, having two women with one baby is so easy to reign down on you. Let's look at Solomon.

     David, the giant killer, Goliath, became the King of Israel. Israel was a north and south country, two different sets of tribes living together, and for the first time David united them, becoming King of all the Jews. At the time, Jewish people would fight and someone could get killed in a synagogue, after arguing about a Torah law or the translation of a word, or someone being there who wasn't their kind of Jewish.

     David had a son, Solomon, and he had a visit from a voice of the heavens. The fog of the spirit was heavy around the sacred tent, Jewish priests could not enter it. The voice told David that his son Solomon, and please notice the solo-mon in Solomon, that as he lived he could do anything he wanted, without ever having to feel guilt or pay for his sins. Obviously, the obvious military and wealth of this new empire needed to be taught a lesson, and for us all. Look at the Middle East. Your tax dollars are fighting there.

     The big story, as catechism, is to talk about Solomon sitting on the King's throne, deciding which woman had the baby. He used a threat with a sword to decide. I'd be looking for stretch marks and facial features.

So would you, maybe. He could have investigated and visited their homes, but no, it was a sword.

     What is the truth, the wisdom, of Solomon? Solomon had over 600 wives and over 400 as a harem.

When he had a parade for himself, he would stop and have sex on the side of the road. When you hear about him using the cedars of Lebanon to build his castle, sorry, temple, many Lebanese are still angry because they either say he took the biggest or he took them all. I know Lebanese who have bullet wounds from Americans. Don't forget, Israel was made by the United States to be a nuclear footprint for the oil.

     By the time Solomon's reign was over, there was no Israel, the kingdom breaking up.

Be honest with yourself. Are you smarter than all the Popes put together, or are you looking for his sword?

Do me a favour. If you think the Canadian dictionary is wrong, especially without referencing the Holy Bible,

please write them a letter to say you have Canadian values and they should change this definition, to be "Solomon: name, the last King of Israel". The next entry should be

"Solomon's Sword: noun, at one time the most feared weapon on earth".

As clan, my first entry would be "Solomon: name, son of David of the House of David, a Tribe of Judea.

But I respect David. He pleaded with the lord, prayed to the lord, asking for all the forgiveness his son needed. He never said he was dead to him, or washed his hands of him, or let the right hand not see what the left was doing. But if David did not respect his own son, I wouldn't publish as if he did.



 Braveheart, the movie by Mel Gibson. From my perspective, seeing people after Braveheart came out was like going swimming after Jaws came out. People at Nickel Beach were afraid of sharks out there, me too.

It was the ones riding quiet Harley bangers lurking around that scared me the most, patches wanting to patch over my heart.

     The movie starts with Mel coming out of a peat hut that looks like a mud village, and in the movie he has blue chalk on his face. At the end of the movie, he's in an English castle held by nobility, and he's talking Latin and arguing English law. Let's look at the blue, and English law.

     First of all, white, for the light of the lord, and blue, for the life-giving waters of baptism, are the colours of the Scottish flag. Yes, it's a cross.

     When Gaelic people living along the shore heard that a Roman naval warship was sailing up the coast,

they devised a plan. They took of all their clothes and rubbed themselves all over with the blue chalk of the cliff, with paths for climbing and collecting bird eggs. They hid a knife behind their back and stood there. When the Romans had to navigate around a big eddy, a swirling current, they came close enough to the cliff so that the Gaelic could jump out and use a knife to slide down the sail. Only one Roman was left alive to return and tell, and no Gaelic life was lost.

     Mel also uses what looks like a dirty white rag for the kerchief of his dearly departed wife, not a tartan.

That might have resonance as being the white flag, but it's not.

     When Gaelic people decided to be generous with the new English, king, queen and nobility, foreigners,

they invited them to a royal Scottish wedding. These new English were confounded by what they saw, frustrated by their lack of patience, to be polite about it. They decided to "water down" the Scottish people by passing a new law. It said that if any English nobililty, or a Knight or Sir, was in Scotland, they had "the first right of intercourse" with a bride on her wedding day. Mel made it personal. It started a war.

     That's the war that ended with the English King passing another new law, saying that it was against English law for any Englishman to attack Scotland because god was on their side. In the Mel movie,

the next man to hold this dirty white rag was supposed to be Robert the Bruce, who was the actual hero.

     World War Two, after World War One, "the war to end all wars", no, just the first world war, because radio, telephones and telegraph allowed all that. I would call world war one the European attack on China and the Orient.

    During WW11, a German Stuka dive bomber came out of the sky and began strafing a village along the shore. When the Scottish women who were out during low tide gathering seafood, saw this, and saw the Stuka turning their way, one of the women ran out and chased a flock of birds up so they hit the plane and it crashed landed. The pilot survived the crash, he just didn't get to survive with his feet on the ground.

     Remember I described the English reaction as watering it down. Have you read "Watership Down",

about little bunnies who want to be free? Did you ever hear the band "Flock of Seagulls"? Real big hair?


The Victorian Era, in Welland, the Forster era. That's what an older Forster woman told me, about her family, saying she was raising her daughter Victorian style. She was, only with modern drugs and booze. The Victorian Era is the Opium Era, when England conquered India and brought opium back. There still is a green-house in Buckingham Palace that grows opium poppies. That was such a public and social thing, it changed their society. They began drinking their urine, thinking it tasted good and was healthy, because it came out of their own body. It did have opium residue, how they were doing it. Women, at the time, were expected to lay around with a "languid look in their eyes", that the men found sexy. Women found to be attractive weren't expected to work, just lay around and be sexy.

     You can read Aldous Huxley, you can see the new blue-ray update of Watership Down, you might even have some antique books or photos of the biggest greenhouse ever built, in London, that really got down.

But it's the horror of Frankenstein and the Vampires that still get around.

     The Victorian Era became the Punk Era, when heroin dominated the scene. In the new millennium, the City of London had to put pipes with a hole on the side at the corners of downtown streets, so men could urinate in them. Live bands onstage were spitting on their audience, and the audience was spitting back.

     Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher invaded Grenada to keep those coffers flowing. Bush did the same.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President George W. Bush decided to re-edit The Encyclopedia Britannica and put it out under their names. Before you read a book, see who published it.

     You might think you know how to be smart if you're not educated enough, by looking in a dictionary.

That should be a good thing. You know the Webster's Dictionary in the United States that is said to be published by Noah Webster? Poor Noah. Poor Webster.

     Some of the first dictionaries out of Scotland, and who published the Britannica first, were published by Merriam-Webster That's the first Webster. Using that name to legitimize your own false history, is just paper, we all know that, but it hurts a little, seeing so many books, heavy books, that are really wrong.

The Thatcher-Bush versions says James Watt, not Doctor James Watt, simply invented a valve that made steam engines work better. It says "he got bored with Scotland and moved to England". I like to do what any good Gaelic would do with any encyclopedias, use them as weights to hold glue jobs down.

     When the Welland Public Library was rolling out the complete Britannica to sell as hard covers books,

I bought them all, paid a friend to drive, and got them home. I can get forty to fifty pounds on each corner when I'm framing paintings. I can also show you this Thatcher-Bush edition.

Nuclear explosions: Can you define, or redefine these words? You should be thinking that if you're thinking American, you should be wrong. You are.

     When an artificial nuclear explosion is caused on earth, and what is mostly shown on TV and movies,

you're only seeing the "dust cloud" or the "vapour cloud", not what you see first. If you know what the first looks at the universe looked like, with the Hubble telescope, a nuclear explosion is a galactic cloud, with the origins of suns, planets and moons being seen in their multi-coloured clouds, with a galactic distance you can't see through. It expands rapidly, what is the explosion, but it is artificial, it was only caused to be caused as an explosion, and no human or earthly energy could maintain that and keep it going. You'd have to be able to capture lightning first. 

     All that, with just a collision of a few atomic particles, now just dust, on the Utah salt flats. But what about all the countless atoms, electrons, and the sub-atomic particles in your brain, your synaptic system?

If two human brains were shot at each other so they exploded, it would be countless times as strong as a nuclear explosion, being universal, not galactic. Why is the universe expanding? We see it is. We know we're not expanding, our solar system isn't expanding, so where is the stuff for expansion coming from? You know how many times you've been told you can't get something out of nothing.

     What if it is the electricity of your brain, leaving the flesh, lifting with the magnetic currents of the earth, guided by a spirit host, carried by a spirit host, and excited by a spirit host, so in your own capacity of empty space, your electric energy explodes out by itself to become your own universe. Let me tell you this. I don't care who you are, what you do, or how you spend your time on earth. Because when the soul travels as a sole carrier of the mind, or electricity of your synapses, and you are left with a predetermined destiny, fate, heaven or purgatory, you'll be alone with your delusions, maybe forever. You might become an acidic universe, vinegar instead of water. If your brain is full of artificial thoughts and memories, when your eternal brain is transmogrifying as soul travel, or if you think of them as sins, the electronic particles of that artificial activity, will fall back to earth as pollution dust, denying your a greater travel flow and capacity. Knowing this, is sharing one of the keys to the haven, that He turns into a Heaven.

     Jesus of Nazareth isn't sitting there waiting for you. He describes souls, for him as sifting through flour. You know you can bake a cake without knowing every little speck. Jesus Christ Superstar! Yeah, he is.

a Super-Novena, just like the Vatican is the center of the universe and the sun goes around it.

     Christian: Are you Christian? Really? Are you up for some games? Glad-he-ate-her games? Oh yeah, I like that English translation. It wasn't big men who liked little boys who were taken away and imprisoned below the arenas. Christian is what Romans called Romans who converted to Jesus of Nazareth. Christ is a Greek word, and you know how non-creative, non-imaginative, and stunted and runted Dark Ages survivors think. especially Romans. Jesus is His real first name, so we can say that. He was born in Bethlehem to satisfy a Roman census for taxes, a sad over-population, and display his birth for Persian Magi. His family name isn't in the Holy Bible. His family was from Nazareth. He said he was Jesus of Nazareth, and you could call that His prayer address. But that's Mediterranean. Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples didn't visit North America, our natives were doing so well. Our local spirits hosts still work for us, and they are our authentic spirit hosts. People in the time of Jesus of Nazareth who followed him, who could be dressing in white, as men and women, or as men growing out a beard and long hair like him, called themselves Nazrenes and Nazrites. yeah, this computer doesn't like those words.

     You know, I'm not just typing away. I think of the people who say they download my domain to keep it for themselves. I try to set it up so it's easy, typewriter width, but I don't know what kind of computer you are using. Do you have a blood pressure armband option? You know, if someone gets a hold of you online, you can put this armband on and they can see if you're telling the truth. If you had that option, you'd be able to see my pulse is steady. If you have a criminal supplier, you might have an old helmet to upload.

     There are people in Welland who can sit outside your house in a car and see such things. That tech is now so old you can buy old cars with camera systems for parking, that let you access the cameras of a business before you. I don't do that. I'm not like Pierre Trudeau who didn't want to go into your bedrooms, because he allowed Americans to look at everything else. Jean Chretien said the internet should be free and unregulated for Canadians, while he let Americans set it up.

     The Wise Men, Wisdom, is one of the most important Proper English words. Right now, you might be

deciding what to believe or not believe. You might feel you learned something, and feel smarter yourself. But wisdom is the knowing and the doing, and feeling that, is the sharing of the love. One love.


Waterfall, my worries seem so very small, here in the cool, misty breeze, of my waterfall.

I can see, the winds of Niagara surrounding me, less water more electricity, from our waterfall.

They don't care, if they take the power of air, and blast it down upon the earth, from our waterfall.

Those people say they just don't care for these other people, dirty minded fools, they don't know what they do. But that's all right, I'll just live my life, and I'll live my life for a rainbow love like you, a love so true, and we know what to do. Waterfall, this cooling mist surrounds us all, feel all the live-giving beauty, of our waterfall. I can see, your echo-system echo in me, be with me, as we have to leave, through our Niagara Falls.

50/50 Jimi Hendrix and me. Hey! He started it!

Despite always wearing my stage clothes, having the first portable amp on my belt, 1977,

standing outside venues with my 1964 Fender Stratocaster, not sounding like an acoustic,

some bar owners did complain to me about people walking out before Saturday closing time,

and they blamed me. What? That's right. When people asked me to sit with them, always busy,

they'd ask me how I could be such a nice guy, such a good guitarist with all the sounds.

Men looking for men would say they were glad they talked with me, or they'd think I was stuck up.

What was my explanation? I'd say my parents took me to church every Sunday morning, and it was the love of my parents that kept me strong, living in bars and hotels, not drinking or doing drugs.

     When someone in Niagara Falls can come up to me, and ask if I remember them, I'm thinking signs.

And then I get one. They'll tell me about going home and getting their family up on a Sunday morning,

and start going to church, saying it brought the family together. Yeah, I still remember doing Sunday morning coming down, the huge hit song, I just know the words and chords.

C'est la vie. La via. lavatory. Is your wattage going to find a nice ohm?