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City of Welland, Ontario, Canada, Protest Mayoral Candidate John Watt

As a signal, I am beheld in many cells, no longer made out of iron bars.

After being just published for so many years, my domain has found regard.

And if the font that flows so fast, starts the wattering down of your brain,

the things you read and the photos you see, might take you out there, again.


      Another police officer was asking about peace in my life, for me. Before I describe, what it truly is like,
to be the life-long, most needed to hate
man, for The Ward Family and Cindy Forsters'Vagabonds,
I just want to describe what isn't peace for me, so that any other soul who
finds out, will not have their own anxieties and fears, rise up inside them, as any kind of sympathy or understanding, because of or for me.
      The word peace, in my lifetime, for the peoples of Europe who first began to speak English,
was about nations stopping the wars. Peace in our lifetime with the lifelines of our technology,
became The First World War,
The War to End All Wars, before the peace of The Second World War.
As much as that practical use of the word peace, is lying in peace, the death of the flesh,
buried, cremated, rotting and oozing, never to be active as being alive again.

That use of the word peace is observational, seeing the dead as un-moving, lying in peace.
      What I seek in life, what allows me to function as completely as the man I was born to be,
is achieving balance in my life, to express creativity. When something negative happens to me,
I seek the positive, naturally.
      When I'm out there, pulling an all-nighter for a long distance bike-hike, being tired, sooner or later, just watching the road, toward the end, is an oblivion. That's not forgetting, just being too tired to feel myself as part of humanity.
      When I'm resting along the shore of Lake Erie, looking at the same view that existed almost
ten thousand years ago, after all the ice melted, seeing those striations, the echoes of glaciers from long ago, after all the ice melted, no sight of either shore, no sights of the works of mankind,
deep in the night, I am drawn out of the sorrowful interior, into the eternal. When I see those blue and red light
nings coming down from our universe, that charge the tops of our atmospheres, our spinning world, becoming the white bolts of electricity that render our skies, I no longer can be asking why, as these majesties play out before me.
      When the anger, fear, hates, denials of truth, and all the sicknesses and diseases around me,
no longer remove their touch upon me, as alone as I can be, The Great Spirit, the healing hands of the Mohawk elders, reach out and up to me, coming from the sands, healing me as only such a vision can. When my heavenly father and mother, my parents, are with me and in my dreams, their love keeps me strong.
     A law of The Constitution of Canada was used against me, what is usually associated with an act of treason against a king or queen. American precedents of this law were quoted, more than any Canadian.
A panel of twelve judges from Ottawa sat silently in a Welland court room, to witness this court case against me, as I acted for myself. Wearing black robes, their chests were covered in medals.
When the Welland judge would not let me address the court in defense of myself, not one word,
I could point at the Province of Ontario shield behind him, and point to the colours of my mother's Royal Buchanan tartan, the same colours that were hanging on the wall. That law no longer exists.
      The law of The Charter of Ontario was used against me. M.pee-pee Peter Kormos and his adaptive mother, Yvette Ward, are no longer alive, and great
and poisonous has been their downfall. It goes on.
      The bylaws, the passing of new bylaws, by the City of Welland, have been used against me.
Now, the City Hall employees who conduct elections have said they will no longer work with these new by-laws, that only contravene our
charter rights as citizens. The police that enforced them are no longer here.
In the midst of all this, now world famous tragedy, this pedophile and drug city who use murder and gang rape for their narcotic desires, I have felt the strength of my ancestry, what justifies it all for me.
      Now, I need justice, and justice that is seen to be done, if I am to find the final balance, so I can go free, and for the first time since 1985, live my life to enjoy myself. And when you set me free, so many victims of rape and incest and brutal beatings, and all the deaths, will rise in splendour, will join me in the spirit,
for what we all
are born and live for, our final dignity.
It gives me great comfort to know we are living in a prophesied worst of times, where no one man, not even a begotten descendant of the heavenly beings around us, can help what is left of this earth,
what the meek shall inherit.
     I am not of the meek. I seek. And I seek justice. I will impose it, as the inherited Black Watch responsibility,

I can wear, that only I can bear, and as the legal tartans I wear, grin and bare it.
The lives of our loves demand it.