Title Page

City of Welland, Ontario, Mayoral Candidate John Watt

I am publishing this, 5/20/2017, after my life has been threatened five days in a row. I am being told I know too much. I know that. I also know how insane, psychotic criminals need to justify their use of American spy hardware, so that what they see is what they want to see, just like the old physical torture, when anyone being tortured will say what you want to hear. They control the media.

     I am now being evicted from the Gateway apartments, where I am not a Gateway member, but placed here during a time of drug-overdosing and rapes, being drug-overdosed and raped a few times, by people who take your tax dollars as pay for their professions.

     I am being evicted for a year of non-payment of rent, with accusations of sexual assault against female members, many fire hazard warnings, with many Gateway members saying I am off my meds and I am a liar, calling people criminals who aren't criminals. I've never been on medication, and I stress,

I am a life-long non-smoker, non-drinker, not even using coffee or tea.

    This new Title Page can only describe the madness long-time narcotic and alcohol addictions can induce, because I can't do anything about the badness.

Oak Center women can drug me, using me sexually, with flashes of memories, for two days. I came to with an upside-down cross painted on me from my neck into my genitals, made of blood. Later, at the library, I can be taunted by other women who call me the new sacrificial lamb. I knew that already. After I went to complain about this, I was told it wasn't an issue as Oak Center members.

     When I tell you about two of everything, remember the new sacrificial lamb.

Being at the Oak Center, homeless, using their parking lot to sleep in at night,

was being deep in NDP-land. I had to talk my way out. Now that the leader of the N.D.P. has announced she is quitting politics and not running in the next election, the following was deleted and her name is not used in this domain.