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City of Welland, Ontario, Mayoral Candidate John Watt



This is the beginning of a new domain, having plans for many more pages.

Instead of describing why I am a mayoral candidate, I'll share photos and scans of personal interest, putting myself out here first, before the politics and crime.

On December the 15th, 2015, news reports said it was the night of a "rare moon".

The first photo shows this rare moon over the canal intersection in Welland.

You can compare it to the Seaway light to see how bright it is.

It was so warm I rode my bicycle to Niagara Falls with just a summer jacket on.

When I saw the Niagara Falls Christmas decorations, I was very disappointed

to see how the Holy Bible story of Noah and the Ark became a fantasy.

My mothers' clan system was responsible for bringing you the Holy Bible in English,

so this felt very personal for me. In our worst of times, it becomes the Living Word.

When I saw the changing lights at the Adam Beck generating station, as Clan Watt,

I felt very personal about this waste of electricity on this abandoned power plant.

Dr. James Watt experimented with what he called direct current, the same type of

electricity found in our brains and what travels from our sun. It does not create

the kind of electrical pollution that the weaponized AC/DC of Nicola Tesla does.

Ontario has been an energy exporter from the time Adam Beck was built, and the nuclear power plants and wind turbines generate power for the United States,

as subsidized by Ontario taxpayers.

     When the government of Kathleen Wynne was first elected, she said Ontario needs a new "over-arching system of computer security". The highest bid from an Ontario company was 600 million. An American company in the United States that bid 780 million won the contract. Ontario is the only province in Canada where the internet is owned and secured by Americans. Look where Ottawa is.

     When a Scottish school board noticed $600,000 missing from an account, they traced it through the European Union to a financial institution on Wall Street, N.Y.

We have been living in the code war for a long time, and as an end user you have your back up against their fire wall, as the bills you pay subsidize their hacking and attacking of foreign countries. As Clan Watt, this felt very personal for me.

     As I walked past Adam Beck into the darkness along the Niagara River,

I began to talk out loud to the skies, or heavens, to use an ancient word.

You can see the clouds as they looked in the last station photo, and I as continued to talk, feeling like a witness, they disappeared and this new cloud formation began to go across the moon. It's a good thing I had a camera and remembered to use it.

     The first cloud photo is how it looked to my eyes, and I could see more than the camera shows, the formation trailing off, looking twice as long. I have over 20-50 vision as a result of my ancestry and month-long overdue, natural child-birth.

     The way the cloud disappeared was just as strange for me, and the last sky photo is me zooming up to look for it.

     The two pages of printing, and that's the best scan I could get,

are from the first book published in North America by a native, an Ojibway elder from

south of Georgian Bay. He also uses the English name of George Copway.

He wintered in the Niagara Peninsula as most Ontario natives did, except for the Inuit of the north. Chief Pontiac of Ottawa would travel to the States for buffalo.

     The scan of an authentic Holy Bible shows the end of Revelation and the beginning of the Psalm of David. This chapter is the only English translation with the same poetic flow of the original Torah. The next chapter "Quotes and Paraphrases", are taken from the family of Jesus of Nazareth and other political refugees who fled the Mediterranean after the crucifixion, also believing their own predictions of the Dark Ages. I have much to say about that. It says you can use these verses to create your own hymns, and is followed by a chapter of hymns. Scottish people saw this book published as way to bring down the Holy Roman Empire. We can say that Emperor Hadrians' wall fell without a drop of Scottish blood being shed.

     There are Sons and Daughters of the Gael who speak Gaelic.

Bay-an-uck let, blessings on you, and as you could identify yourself,

Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well my friend.

Gaelic is the only language said to be the language of the Garden of Eden.

Edinborough, pronounced eden-burra, means Eden of the North.

The more recent Jewish refugees continued on to the outer islands,

calling them the Hebridis Islands, which means being of Hebrew.

This history should be taught in North America.


This is Thayeadanagea, also known as Joseph Brant, wearing the royal red wool blanket

of Scottish royalty, with his own style. Scots people sent Canadian natives to

universities in Scotland so they could learn to properly represent themselves in English

and French courts. When Thayeadanagea returned from Scotland, he went to the new

fort in Niagara-on-the-Lake to ask for a deed for his property along the river.

    And no matter what Americans can say, Scottish soldiers were not cowards. It was simply more fun to dress up as Iroquois and Mohawk natives and scare the American soldiers away.

More than half of the American army, during the Battle of Queenston Heights, turned back

when they were on the river, after hearing native war cries.

The northern rain always cools.

Standing here alone I need it, to whet my burning heart,

so my mind, like a late white floe down summers' Niagara,

can shine in radiant splendor, before the final Falls".

as always,

Master John Alexander Hay Watt,

known to be a Prince of Scotland.