Title Page

City of Welland, Ontario, Mayoral Candidate John Watt

I am publishing this, 5/20/2017, after my life has been threatened five days in a row. I am being told I know too much. I know that. I also know how insane, psychotic criminals need to justify their use of American spy hardware, so that what they see is what they want to see, just like the old physical torture, when anyone being tortured will say what you want to hear. They control the media.

     I am now being evicted from the Gateway apartments, where I am not a Gateway member, but placed here during a time of drug-overdosing and rapes, being drug-overdosed and raped a few times, by people who take your tax dollars as pay for their professions.

     I am being evicted for a year of non-payment of rent, with accusations of sexual assault against female members, many fire hazard warnings, with many Gateway members saying I am off my meds and am I liar, calling people criminals who aren't criminals.

    This new Title Page can only describe the madness long-time narcotic and alcohol addictions can induce, because I can't do anything about the badness.

Oak Center women can drug me, using me sexually, with flashes of memories, for two days, I came to with an upside-down cross painted on me from my neck into my genitals, made of blood. Later, at the library, I can be taunted by other women who call me the new sacrificial lamb. I knew that already. After I went to complain about this, I was told it wasn't an issue as Oak Center members.

     When I tell you about two of everything, remember the new sacrificial lamb.


The Power of Babble, The Site of Babble-on.

There are Sons and Daughters of the Gael, who speak Gaelic. That is the Scottish Clan system who brought you the Holy Bible in English, The English Dictionary, and The Encyclopedia Britannica, to show Europeans what Jesus of Nazareth really said and did, not what Latin speakers said. The Dictionary is the prophesied global language, now the language of computers. The Encyclopedia convinced enough Europeans that the foreigners of the "new world" weren't just running dogs with no prayer, to be slaughtered and enslaved.

      If you are using a Holy Bible that ends with Revelation, buying into the American Empire god of Israel,

you are sadly mistaken. Obviously, that concept was convincing enough for world wide media to obscure the creation of what came to be called a "nuclear footprint", just a manufactured country as an American presence in the oild fields of the middle east.

     Revelation is about the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, what the Holy Bible in English brought down, without a drop of Scottish blood being shed. At that time, the Vatican was reduced to 40,000 pedophile priests hiding behind the country of Vatican walls. They burned oil lamps to smoke up the Sistine Chapel, so that you couldn't see the "penile" artwork the was the creation of man and The Garden of Eden.

     Gaelic is the only language in the world said to be the language of The Garden of Eden. Sons and Daughters of the Gael are the original inhabitants of the British Islands. When the family and descendants of Jesus of Nazareth, and other political refugees after His crucifixion, fled the middle east, also believing their own predictions of the coming Dark Ages, beginning in a filthy Roma, they moved to islands further west, called The Hebredis Island, meaning "being of Hebrew". You don't say "Edinburgh" as Ed-in-burg",

it's "Eden-burrow", as per the original inhabitants.

     And Nero, 666 in Revelation, didn't fiddle while Roma burned, there were no fiddles, or word fiddle.
He did what is diddled, with small, white boys. Instead of worshiping a god, when Jesus of Nazareth said to be a follower, and "make no graven image of me", that is the god of the disUnited States, let's see what the Holy Bible, as the living word, can say to you.

     Jewish prophets said the return of Zion would be a city of gold and jewels falling from the heavens back to earth, as the Temple of Solomon was, the only known building covered entirely with sheets of gold.

     The insanity of the criminals of Welland, caused by generations of narcotic and alcohol addictions, can only be described in electrical terms, because that is what they use to create their new criminal empire. There is no way I can describe any justice for them as being the bigger they are, the harder they fall, even if that is an eternal truth about human nature. That's like being The Tower of Babel, pronounced babble, being built up to the heavens, an actual building, even a tower to broadcast electricity, ancient technology the Americans don't want you to know about. Even The Great Pyramid of Giza, with its gold covered point, still shoots small electrical lightnings out of a wine bottle covered in aluminum foil. Oh, isn't that, with the third eye, what Americans have on their paper money?

     The Power of Babble, our digital times, is the reverse, with signals reigning down on us from the skies, creating  not a tower, but just the power, for a new, flat earth community of electronic device users. These end users are hypnotized by their own screens, sitting flat as they watch and use keyboards or notepads.

That was Hydra then, now hydro. That was Medea then, media now. Those snakes,

oh yeah, electric wires.

     The criminals who try to solidify their perception of themselves as a criminal empire, aren't rising up, they're just spreading, spreading like a cold, frozen glacier, as cold, unblinking screens, and it won't be a fall, but a slide, with the gradual erosion of signal, incompatibility, like a font-field ice-field that, as signals fade or are denied, gradually slides apart from society, breaking up as over-ionized atmospheres, until as a people, as family, they are left alone in the new dark ages, the fall of the American world wide web.

     This is happening to Ontario as I type. When Kathleen Wynne became Premier of Ontario, described as a female lesbian running against a female real estate agent, she said "Ontario needed a new, over-arching system of online security for all of Ontario". yeah... over-arching as the bridges over the Niagara River, not over-arcing as an electrical term. That would be the electrical delivery system of Nicola Tesla, who wanted to send electricity through the skies, not through the wires of Watt. Oh, that's right! The Niagara Parks Commission has erected a new tourist attraction, a statue of the American Nicola Tesla.

     When the top bid from an Ontario company was $600,000,000, the American company in America that bid $780,000,000 won the contract, and of course, the Capitol of Canada, Ottawa, is in Ontario. Have you noticed that the federal government now wants all transactions and payments done online? Have you noticed how points and rewards for shopping cards are being denied, or cards that work cost more, of your accounts are being shave by dollars every month? Are service providers degrading systems and the use of public domains, even .ca domain, .ca for Canada? Are you having to use a "1" as in former long distance numbers, to call someone next door using a different provider? Aren't you seeing your use of an electrical signal as being multiplied as all the different devices you can have, even if it's still the same signal being beamed down on us all, or arriving with the same wires? You are paying for all of that, as residential end users, as provincial taxpayers, as federal taxpayers, and as American owned delivery systems, the wires and satellites, now, only secured by Americans.

     Here in Welland, Ontario, this psychotic criminal use of technology has taken away the last local newspaper left. A city of over 60,000 people has no hard copy, or any local jobs, just an empty building, as outsiders and machines tell you what to think, and what you like, and who you should watch.

     What is it that those who build The Power of Babble don't want you to learn, or see, or watch?

For me, that's what they did to my family.

     When Crowland, past Southworth Street and around to Welland South, voted no to joining Welland, the City of Welland appropriated us. Catholic mob members, calling themselves French and Italian, moved in, taking over businesses and school boards. My father had to tell me what to say when these pedophiles were inviting me to get inside their car for a ride, or inviting me into their homes for some milk and cookies.

When I was being slapped in the face and hit on my fingers and open palms, because I wasn't a Catholic and was left-handed, I was made to fail English. When I was staying

in school to visit my grade one friends, it took my parents a while to realize I was still in kindergarten, and they went to talk with the Principal, Mike Petrachenko, to make sure he put me in grade one.

     That's when the city sent flyers into the neighbourhood about Halloween, saying men were coming to the door naked, putting pins and pills into apples for non-Catholic children, saying don't go door-to-door, just visit schools that now had a Halloween party. They should have arrested those pedophiles.

     When I was called into the office of Principal Mike Petrachenko, because a young, blonde boy in my class, would be hugging me to keep me from being in line in time, the teacher sent us both to the Pricipals' office. When I was called in first, I had to say the words my father taught me to Nick Petrachenko, after his hitting and slapping of me was over, and he wanted to start touching. He sent me back outside to sit.

As I sat for over ten or fifteen minutes, the young blonde boy was inside behind locked doors. The next time I had to sit outside as part of a couple of too-late boys, it was Peter Kormos, who turned out to be a favorite, spending as much time in the office seat as sleeping time. Nick Petrachenko later became known as the most admired and flamboyant pedophile for all those of down town Welland and City Hall.

     My parents, as founding and charter members of Knox Presbyterian Church, were my mother, a wild and free singer, was the lead soprano in the choir. The Clan Watt were the first kings and queens of Scotland, when kings and queens were elected, mainly for their abilities to sing and dance. Visiting people in their homes to socialize and help with any advice, was the job of kings and queens. The Clan Hay, my mothers' clan, were also original kings and queens.

     When I complained to my grade three teacher, that I was sitting in the office too much, one afternoon, I came back home and found my mother sitting on her bed, shaking and crying and sobbing so deeply, she couldn't talk. Someone had shit in the corner of the living room. When my father came home from the Page Hersey, he told me it was just a bad dream, and forget it. For weeks, I kept saying I came home and it was for real, but my father said he would say I just had a bad dream, so there was no use in repeating it.

    After that, my mother never sang again, and only danced with me over forty years later at a family wedding in London.

     My father left school in grade seven to work and support his family. He worked at the Cotton Mill until they took him into the army, towards the end, because he was only 5'6" tall, and 145 pounds at most. He was in Camp Borden when the war ended. He worked at the Page Hersey for over 33 years until a heart attack took him out. He also worked all that time without a lost time accident.

     After grade three was over, he sold his brand new, 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom station wagon, to use the money for a down payment on a new house on the other side of Welland, before the Fitch Street Plaza was build, 19 Westmount Crescent, around the corner from the new Knox Presbyterian Church. My mother only went out grocery shopping when he was there, me too, going to church, and going for family and clan picnics on Sunday. Dr. Kumaran at the Welland Hospital said she was born that way, and would have to take the drugs Cindy Forster, head nurse and union head, said she would have to take.

     All my high school friends, and many others, left Welland after grade school and high school, because of the presence of the Ward Gang, changed to the Ward Family. They were drug-overdosing and gang raping women and men, turning women into sexual beings who would lie there, saying they were three holes you could do anything you want with. The first two women I met after high school, wanting to get married, had been raped that way, one being a Rose Festival contestant. When her parents complained to the police,

these German people found it better to lay off their employees, close their bakery, and move out west.

     The other woman I wanted to marry was the daughter of the Evening Tribune press foreman, and after what happened to her was written on a black-board in Welland High, Yvette Ward began to write her own articles with the help of Peter Kormos, and approve everything else. Is knowing this knowing too much, when every newspaper around Ontario sees these Tribber fibbers for what they publish, and the narcotic and drug society Welland has become, also with the highest beer sales in all of Canada?

     My younger brother was murdered with a drug overdose, and held in a position of rigor mortis so that he was found in the same position as one of the Ward Family statues in Merritt Park. His out-stretched fingers held a dangling cup, not holding it like the statue. When Catholic men, French or Italian, can stand in front of me and say he doesn't know, and when he finds out we'll deal with him later, do they really think I don't know? They don't, because they haven't seen it in their hand-held devices.

     When my father passed away, I was being confined and drugged in strange and non-stop ways. Did you know you can drug someone, so that they are unconscious for over twelve hours, and when you come to you start dislocating the first bones you use? That happened to me twice. I once laid flat on my back on the floor for fourteen days, unable to move, feeling the blood pounding in every part of my body. It took over two years before I could stand up to put my pants on.

     My surgery my mother had at the Welland hospital took cancers from other patients, and put into her body. She was diagnosed with a lump on a vein into her kidney, fatal, and said to be inoperable, but she was told if she had a hysterectomy, and she was almost seventy, it would all be taken out. Two weeks after the surgery, my father got

a phone call at night, saying he should take his wife to another hospital.

That hospital said the cancers in my mothers' abdomen, tucked under organs, took a year from the last wo years of her life.

     What happened to my father is another crime against humanity, caused by Forster family members who took him from his home to their hospital.

How is this relevant today? As my eviction notice for failure to pay rent for a year, was being enforced, the new car my father bought before he died, that was stolen from me after his funeral, suddenly appeared in the Gateway parking lot. Even if I became a sad addict or alcoholic, and forgot, don't you think this would bring it all back again?

     You crazy and mad narcotic pedophiles of Welland. You've taken everything I own from me three times as I was made homeless, and now, just because I'm 65, as you promised, you made me homeless in Leamington, after driving me there, drugged, and now I'm homeless, sick and with nothing, in Welland.

And guess what? I don't even see my attackers, and you don't see my attacks. You can enter my residence to sicken me with my own food, steal my own paperwork, infiltrate my own bills, intimidate those who would start a business or hire me, all just by looking at your tiny glowing screen, touching yourself and each other as you play with your Power of Babble.

     When Kath-lean No-win-win shows you the bronzed clit ring on her finger, saying to kneel and kiss it, how long will you go before your user end is used up?

     My Mohawk friends, and we are just surviving on Mohawk land, describe our modern world as being upside-down. That is the weight of the white man, pressing down on them, and it's the weight of our electronic addiction, creating a radiation from up above.

     If the Holy Bible can be the living word I say it is, can I provide another example?

Let's look at Noah and the Ark, not a bridge above the water, not an arch, an ark. He is said to have been told by god, that he should build a big boat that can carry two of every living thing on earth, so that life could survive a coming deluge, a de-luge, as in the trough of a luge run as we now think of it for bob-sledding. Not a rainbow, but the bow of god, a weapon, would flood the earth. Even the Haida of northern B.C. talk about this flood, saying their ancestors had to climb the highest mountains and hold on to the tops of trees, as the waters swirled around them.

     Can Noah actually carry two of every form of life, all in the same interior, with all the food for them, all the same animals as we know them, all in their own separate stalls and cages? No! Can you admit that to yourself? If the parable of Noah isn't about two of every form of life, what is it about? What did Noah let go first, after he thought the storm was abating?  

    He let a black bird go, and it was said to be bringing down the sun, stopping the mountains from trembling, and the oceans from surging, while the ark was floating before it rested on land. There is no mention of two black birds, just one. After that, he let one of two doves out, a few times, before one came back with an olive branch, to show the land was appearing.

     Let me ask you, as the living word is designed for, to make you think in your own spirit. Why does every tribe in North America have a creation myth, where a black bird,

a raven or crow, brings down the sun as a creation or restoration myth, calming the waters and mountains? That's from the tip of North America, the Inuit, to the bottom

of South America. The tribe with measurements to the sun and moon, that took laser science to improve by miles, call this bird Quetzalcoatl, and are waiting for his return.

     Isn't North and South America the other half of the world, the second part of life on earth, part two, if there is a definition of two of everything? When the Holy Bible says the straight and narrow, north to south american tribes say as straight as the crow flies.

     The Book of Mormon describes the fall of the Tower of Bable. The worst tribe, known to be murderers, steal plates from priests and go to the shore, where arks they built, using ocean currents, bring them to central america shores. They divide into three big cities that war and destroy themselves, until refugees flee up north and bury the plates, as found by Joseph Smith Junior south of what is now Buffalo. Not the church of Joseph Smith Junior, but The Church of Latter-Day Saints, called Mormons, fight a war with the American government because they wanted to be the country of Utah. Americans fought to destroy their system of plural marriages, with a wife and sister wives, old men marrying teenagers, uncles marrying nieces, an extreme pedophile society, also in Canada, becoming the ying to the Vatican yang.

     That is two of everything, now both sides of our earth, and it's not the Tower of Bable of bricks and steps up into heaven, but the Power of Babble-On, coming down from the skies.

     For me, these thoughts are so easy, as easy as Easy Hosting, my provider... "as his host with his host, who is hosted by another, with his host hosting the hosts of those who host another, have their host and with their host, are hosts as hosts together, until the Host of hosts is heard amongst us"...

     This is the prophesied global language of Proper English, when the bottom half of the British Island was Roman and Holy Roman Empire territory that spoke Latin.

     For us, in the Niagara Peninsula, the source of the first commercial hydro generation in the entire world, it has become enforced two languages, two of every word, said to be French, when French is the langauge of France, not the Quebecois of Quebec, and the English of England, not the Canadian English.

     Your tax dollars are split between the two, again, your end user self is paying to burn both ends,

but oh, what a bright light that sends, as Niagara Falls is again diverted to create your own diversions.

Di, as dividing into two, versions, as both languages and the two nations of Canada and The United States.

     Seeing that I have just sat here typing this out, and seeing the slider getting too much smaller,

I'm going to build another pages for the photos I would like to use to illustrate these words. If you remember the god that Moses fought, the golden bull, also called Baal,

I wish I could include a photo of the interior of a big Mormon Church, even the one in Toronto, not even Utah, to show you baptism fonts made of solid marble, with life-size bulls, a dozen in a circle, holding up the fountain, in American, covered in gold.

I've seen that, but have never been able to get or take a photo.

     The Bhagavad Gita of India, a book written a thousand years before Moses began his Torah, describes life after the ice ages, and the family of gods they call their Pantheon of Gods, were known as Avatars.

Have you got your avatar under your thumb-nail lately? Those military Americans have this as their sense of humour.

     When Guigliemo Marconi was murdered in Italy, after his inventions became the biggest electrical manufacturing in the United States of America, and the Clan Watt recognizes them as the highest quality with his own values, do you think of him when you Google? (googlee-elmo Marconi) Do you worship at the new Church of Google?

      When you use the electricity of the bi-polar political realm of the disUnited States, the north and the south, the east and west, the Republican and Democrats, two of everything, it's not the power of the sun or the electricity of our brains and all natural, living things, it's AC-DC, two of everything, and a pollutant.

     When those little sparrow missiles fall, they don't meet his gentle view.

And somewhere, over their rainbow, ozone holes grow...

                    So sings my soul, as I feel the healing.

                    He's there for me, when I can't even kneel,

                    let all our souls, be one as we are singing,

                    express our hearts, for how great Thou art.

                    I see new skies, as new rain falls that's sticking,

                    the new ashes of shame, just fell on me.

                    As my eyes struggle, past helpless horizons,

                    what dominion, have you given over me?

                    So hear the sound, of all of these devices,

                    we work around, this watt age we live in.

                    We force our earth, to suck through copper coils,

                    the spun spin, the spin wins, our negativities.

                    So sings the wires, dividing up our skies,

                    while satellites, micro-wave our minds,

                    we pay the bills, the wars we subsidize,

                    how code their art, how sold we are.

Clan Watt never manufactured.
Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you, and as you could say,
Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well my friend.
This is the language of the people who brought you the Holy Bible in English.
Sons and Daughters of the Gael. Ga means go, gae means, gone, gael is of the gone.
It is of the flesh to be thou art, He makes you a heart.
It's nice to find a haven in a storm, He makes it a heaven.
You can find warmth on this earth, He makes it a hearth.
You can think with your mind, athen, He converts you into a heathen.
If you can find the ather, He leads you through the heather.
When you feed others with your furrowed row, He makes you a hero.

When a learned and erudite judge says you have to obey his written word,
he is astute, ass-toot. When a pedophile priest points up to his cathedral,
and says to worship his god, you aspire, ass-spire. As he asks you to follow,
as he walks upstairs to turn to dictate to you, you ascend, ass-end.
When a Jesuit spy murders you from behind, an assassin, ass-ass-sin.

In the duality of our upside-down, beaming down on you world,
you pronounce the words but have only redefined meanings.
Turn off your American spell-check, and be truly awe-full.

Clan Watt still stands.