City of Welland, Ontario, Canada, Mayoral Candidate John Watt

      After I proved that Bell interfered with my accounts to interfere with a municipal election in Ontario, basically changing everything they could so my domain couldn't be used, or advertised, they cut me off,

not even saving or supplying me with a copy. I lost the phone number my family had since 1949.

Bell employees in other provinces changed protocols, after I explained what happened in Ontario. They also described the system as being monetized. I can legally say criminalized and politicized as Americans.

     When Kathleen Wynne became the Premier of Ontario, promoted for her personal ambivalence to life, she decided that Ontario needed to remove the existing online security, and replace it with "a new over-arching system". The highest bid from an Ontario company was $600,000,000. The American company that bid $780,000,000 got the job. Ontario is the only Canadian province to have an internet owned and secured by Americans. This made me get busy. The Province of New Brunswick, the home of Bell tech, was the first to change protocols with Ontario.

     When the President of Egypt sent me a message, a tremendous privilege for me, I knew I had become systematic. Let me explain.

     Quebec Bell built a city in Egypt, and if you wanted a job with them you had to live there. You had to go to a school to learn to speak and write "French". I say Quebecois. They learned enough English to write English on the forms. They had to go to a Catholic Church and become Catholics.

     A Bell area representative from the Caribbean sent me an email, asking if I'd be willing to exchange email with an Egyptian area representative. I said sure. That's what she told me.

     But first, the stress of the election and how my life was made to suffer, and seeing all my Bell services going down, phone, computer and domain, sometimes I talked about being Scottish and cried.

     The Egyptian rep said the President of Egypt heard that a Prince of Scotland was crying for his country, and he wanted to help. He called the Quebec government, and told them to get out. He said to tell me, that even if it cost his country over a thousand jobs, he was happy to do it.

     This city in Egypt was called the Quebec Queue, and handled all the services of communications for the Province of Quebec, controlled by separatistes, and that included the Federal Government. When a man from Quebec came to the Quebec Queue after being ordered to vacate, he plugged in a big briefcase, downloading all informations, shut the city down, and left in a hurry. No technology like that is built in Canada. It could only be American. After the city shut down and Egyptians moved out, the government started tearing it all down.

     I received land line calls and email from different Bell employees who said Bell was now bringing back all Canadian services so that Canadians in Canada did those jobs. Employees were happy to see Bell move those offices to their cities, so they didn't have to travel for them, mostly executive services.

     Bell even started to advertise as Canadian jobs in Canada as part of their American answering service.

All these phone calls from around the world, after people were saying can my friends talk to you. I was having to stay in, afraid to walk around so weak, poisoned, so this was a wonderful thing for me to do.

     Anyone who knows me knows I say, that even though I'm only of Scottish descent, I always want to go to Egypt. There is my initial attraction, ever-growing, and I think I know where to dig at Karnac. I do.

What do you think I said to this Egyptian rep? If you really talk with the President, if I ever came over to visit, could I dig at the Temple of Karnac without being arrested? I got invited, but I can't afford to go.

And that's a political not affording it, wanting to live here to legally be a candidate.

     City Hall in Welland passed a bylaw that contravenes the Charter of Ontario and the Constitution of Canada, saying I can't run for mayor unless I have a Canadian passport, yeah, after taking away my driver's license for things I didn't do, when people steal things like that from my residences. Sometimes it takes a while to even prove who I am. Everything Watt is being removed from Welland. Even the yearbook I did the artwork for at Centennial, using my cougar head as an emblem, is the only yearbook missing, along with the trophies with my name on them for public and Rose Festival art contests.

     These criminals must watch the history channel too, like ancient Egyptians, chiselling the names of former Pharaohs off the monuments they want to put their name on. But that's okay, what religious disagreements made them do, because we still say those words, one of them, Amen.

     Here's some four letter words from our city, something pointed out to me as being Biblical. I agree.

Hart: The first church leader to ask me if I needed help, a church on Rice Road.

Male: The married name of a Forster who drugged me the most, her daughter also poisoning me.

Root: The name of the head crown attorney who tried to put me in jail for seven years.

Root: The son of this crown attorney, a crown attorney himself, now saying the root of all evil, money.

Watt: My name, what becomes wattage, what lights up the city.

Ward: Their name, what describes areas as dividing a city.

Bell: The girl I loved who was drugged and gang raped as a teen, with a description of her having sex with five men written on the blackboard at Welland High where she went, trying to act like nothing happened.

What was her problem? Her father was the press foreman at the Tribune, as it became a crime center.

Watt: The birth registrar for my birth certificate, who Watt St. in Welland is named for, not a family member.

Mary: The name of a daughter of an original owner and investor of a huge Welland business, who became a sad narcotic prostitute in Niagara Falls, her brother a chemist making powders for the criminals, with a sister who fled deep into the United States. The Seaway Mall. You don't see his name carved in the stone. If her sister didn't leave the country, visiting me before she left, we might have got married.

Bill: The name of the original owner of Central Music, who started the Rose Festival Band Contest but was then later stolen from and shut out. He was strong enough to speak out, and when he was at the Welland Hospital for minor surgery, he died in his sleep. I was crying enough at his funeral to be sat with family. I was sitting at the back when criminals came in to take the money he made for his Rose Festival account.

These criminals were known murderers and gang rapists.

     After one criminal was convicted of murder charges, killing a father of a Welland business man in public to show they can't go to jail, he was released soon after an appeal. The City of Welland hired him as a garbage man, in that neighbourhood, and he just followed the truck yelling that if anyone ever acted as a witness against him he would kill them too. They killed and left the dead body of a girl on the grass in front of the Port Colborne Hospital, to show they could kill someone there and not go to jail.


     How anyone can think they can dominate a city this way and not let citizens shout out as pain and complain, trying to live in their own world and their own pain, is a psychotic criminal problem. Let me tell you what the people who are making a documentary movie about Welland, two authors writing a book, and a news service tell me about the Ward Family. And that's not Facebook. If the Tribune printed what they don't want to print, you would know these people come to elections in Welland with serious technology, to capture debates and photograph evidence I put down across the front of the stage.

Welland is going to go down in history as being the worst crime city in North America.

The highest per capita use of illegal drugs, and legal drugs as prescribed by the Welland Hospital.

The highest per capita of murderers and pedophiles in government.

The highest per capita population of pedophiles and drug-overdosing rapists.

The most Beer Store sales in all of Canada, and that's just the one Beer Store.

Welland should make it's own beer, considering tax payers pay for most of what is being sold.

The most use of arson for profit in a major Canadian city.

The highest number of City Hall employees who serve time in federal jails.

The city that sends the most criminals to intimidate government employees in Toronto.

That's why they phoned me in Welland and help me, saying you keep running for mayor.

The most known narcotic addicts working for any government service in Welland.

The highest number of psychiatric addicts processed and sent to other cities.

The most illegal bylaws being passed to deny citizens they don't like.

The biggest use of city resources to create problems for businesses they don't like,

which could be tearing up roads and denying parking access, or chasing them away.

The most use of municipal money to purchase from California and the United States.

Politicians who take more money from the province than the Premier and Prime Minister.

The most unpaid municipal debt with what they spend so they don't have to collect.

The highest amount of money paid to purchase from Italy, and Philadelphia in the States.

The only city in Canada to trade away many steel plants for personal gain.

The most times a hospital was seen as being the most dirty many years in a row.

When I was complaining about that at the Welland Hospital, they bought a computerized machine,

that was put at the entrance, that talked and asked people to wash their hands as they walked in.

The highest level of raw sewage release, in Welland, into the river.

The most number of all the different voting machines bought in the United States.

The highest number of "advance voting" in all of Canada. An "advance vote" is when a voter will be to far to vote in the city, or is ill and can't get out. A notarized employee of city hall is supposed to visit and sign a paper and take your vote to help you out. All these voting machines are in Welland as a kind of voter survey so the elected can arrange the election, and seeing who the public wants, not spend money on signs and advertising.

The most money spent in court to attack citizens they don't want to run in elections.

The only city in Ontario where politicians voted they don't have to pay municipal taxes.

The highest number of dead bodies found downtown, and the highest number not reported.

Ten people were found dead around the downtown Welland bridge one summer, only three were reported.

And that's just downtown.

Over 70% unemployment.

Are you starting to think there isn't anything three generations of crime families haven't gotten around?

Ma Barker and her son and daughter drove around with one hired thug.

Bonnie and Clyde weren't married, and had a cousin and one hired thug.

The Black Donneleys, (Black Irish) near Welland at Lucan Township, had four deaths with six family members, the citizens rising up against them to burn down their house after they took over the post office stage coach.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: Many rapes as the Scarborough rapist, killing three girls.

The Wards: Fourteen children, taking over Welland, taking over businesses around the peninsula, across Ontario and Canada, murderers of untold numbers, some pedophile rapists, most drug-overdosing gang rapists, as seen in newspapers and TV already. Some Hell's Angels. Working with Cindy Forster and her Vagabond president husband, who works at City Hall. Working with Satan's Choice and the Red Riders. International with property in a foreign country with no extradition laws. Using C.I.A. technology. Having control of The Welland Hospital, Welland Transit, sitting on almost all municipal boards.

Fifty years of controlling the Rose Festival, so they can wave at you as they drive by.

     They also built a statue that isn't about canal workers, it's about them. That's actually the first false idol made of metal in North America.

     People in Welland say everyone knows but no-one can do anything about it.

I did, but that's only because they made me. And I've never called their police on them. They come to me.

As a Welland Mayoral Candidate, I have been given three spinal injuries, my pick finger had a quarter inch automotive grinder to the bone. My left barre chord finger was sliced down the middle. I was lured and drugged for three months in Edmonton, three nights in Dundas, four years on First Avenue, raped after the first election, drugged and raped again and again, also in St. Catharines. I always said I'd fight to the death to avoid that, so I was always unconscious, even if I came to enough to remember voices.

All my tools were stolen twice, and all my paint brushes, some my mother's father made in Scotland.

My van was destroyed twice. All my tools were stolen twice. My inventive guitar appraised at $40,000 as a patentable model was ruined, so was my over $8,000 retail amplifier. Police gave me tickets for things

I didn't do, taking my drivers's license away, turning a pre-trial into a trial when I had no evidence or witnesses, fining me over $6,000 when I was struggling to still be self-employed, on over $4.000 a year. What happened to my father, mother and two brothers at the Welland Hospital are crimes against humanity, a Welland specialty.

I'm not angry. I feel sorry for sad and lost souls who were born to be bad, being had at birth.

My life has a treasure.

If it wasn't for the fact that my ancestors didn't go through the Dark Ages,

having the natural evolution of man as my metabolism,

I wouldn't have woken up, got up and started walking back home.

And I would not have healed so that at my age I am very athletic and don't feel any pain.

That includes being called the best guitar player and being invited to show paintings at Rodman Hall.

My recent acoustic invention as a new template of electric guitar, was the biggest online news one year,

for music forums around the world. President Robert Godin mailed me a personal letter to congratulate me.

And as a hunter at the side of the ocean, I can make sounds to call orca and whales.

How's that, for a son of a daughter of the Gael, who is also known as John of Crowland. See Noah's Ark.

Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you, and as you could say,

Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well friend.

From the ancestors who brought you the prophesied global language, making the English Dictionary,

using it to create the Holy Bible and The Encyclopedia Britannica. I'll save wattage and horsepower later.

Where is your mind now, north, or south, of Hadrian's Wall.

A free visual link from Sent A Mental Signs:

Can you visualize The Great Wall of China?

Hadrian's Wall is the same thing, only built across the Gaelic island by a Roman emperor.

He did that, because Scottish women and children were killing Roman soldiers at will.

The movie Braveheart, a Mad Max version.

The next historic battle featured the King of England uniting all his soldiers and mercenaries,

over fifty thousand, to cross the Scottish border to try and attack again, going to a border city where most of the men were known to be marching back from a distant battle. This city had less than 5,000 Scottish elderly, women and children. This battle was fought along a river with a bridge to that community. As the king watched two-thirds of his men being killed, he retreated and passed a new law.
It said he saw that god was on the side of Scottish people, and it was against the law forever,

for any English person to ever attack Scotland again. He just didn't see our use of technology.

Back then, we were either weird or wired, or wired and weird.

English trivia: Despite the intense promotion of William Shakespeare as a cultural icon,

some now saying he helped write the Holy Bible, he was just a London celebrity.

At the time of Shakespeare, the average English person, living in the shadow of the feudal system,

met less than two hundred different people in their lifetimes. People spoke using an average of fourteen thousand different words, North Americans getting through their days using less than 200.

As you should be able to surmise, most North Americans use the word feud more than quote Shakespeare.

Because I was arrested with Federal and Provincial laws by these people, so I couldn't even say their name or hand out the 22,000 campaign statements donated to me, libel laws, I have to submit my content and domain intent before I can publish online as .ca member. The .ca stands for Canada, and every person who applies to be a .ca domain is looked at by another online department, who decides if you can have it. I'm a voting member of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, C.I.R.A., helping to decide internet policy for Canada. And it's my favorite font use with graphics. I get invitations to attend and speak in Ottawa, but I can't afford to go. COGECO is a media supporter, and one of my online providers.

The technology I have that gets down to 35,000 d.p.i. can alter currency and bank documents.

I can take your email and alter it and resend as you. You know that's just what computers can do.

And I don't use them that way. The Province of Ontario does.

Before anyone loses control and decides, once again, it's my head that should roll,

just wait, and see what is going to be described that should be the final solution for us all.

Not being one percenters, two percenters, or even seven percenters, only lawful citizens.

People in mass house arrests and neighbourhood lock-downs in Welland aren't going to jail.

I said if all you did was put the people in court who hurt my family, the city can't afford it.

Welland is past bankrupt, they just don't tell you.

There is another option for the reunion of the entire Ward family, as described by me and accepted,

not just for them, but for the betterment of all the citizens of Welland, if I'm mayor and they want it.

This city needs to act like we're finally cleaning up our act, and I'm willing to be the tough love mayor.

I might be the most well-known person from Welland around the peninsula and province,

who is known for being open and honest, and being creative with many talents.

I shouldn't have to prove to you my love of Crowland, that was appropriated by Welland,

making it more than appropriate for me to make moves against Welland, as I have all my adult life.

When I'm onstage in a different city, I say don't come to Welland unless you want to own it.

No-one does. I keep coming back.

    And everyone I have talked about here, is someone I have helped,

even if they can't see where it's coming from.

     You know, when the workings of mankind have tried to reach up into the heavens,

to say we can be gods too, it's only a tragic historical truth that the heavens will open up,

only to roll down on you, and if you don't have Jacob's Ladder to stand on one rung with,

you can only get slapped down big time.

     When the new worst of times uses satellite technology and send machines into the universe,

even my crossed border security gets a big upgrade.

     It took a while. I was standing there around two in the morning, on a very dark night,

after seeing all the Christmas decorations and all that artificial light, that countries attack for.

That my ancestors experimented with for medical reasons, explaining it free for the world.

And that's bike-hiking along the Niagara River from Fort Erie to Niagara Falls, both sides lit up.

Obviously, and a feeling thing for me, I know when I'm connecting as live. That's why I took my Canon PowerShot A550 out, seeing moving clouds that everyone should see. These photos wouldn't be possible, if it wasn't for Nick Albano, owner of Millennium Computers, offered to me as a nice deal after making his original sign. I'm using the last photo I was able to take of this... what would you call it?

     Please see the "moving clouds" albums to see more of my electrical journey.

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