actual history

Scot-free: Now just a poorly defined word in our dictionary. (adverb, without being punished or harmed)

The truth will set you free: Almost the same, now just a cliche because end users see no actual history.

As straight as the crow flies: This still has a natural resonance with a literal meaning most can imply,

but I'm saying you don't know what the straight is or the crow. Other than that, here we go.


This page is about actual history. I say actual as an authentic meaning of that word, based on act.

If something is actual, you can act with it. As being together, act-you-all. I know, I know, modern white people don't have all the inflections and literary symbols most natives use for languages. You can type Mic-Mac until you're blue-ray in the face, but it's Mi'kmaq, that northern Newfoundland tribe.

Let's see some examples of word-play from the clan that brought you the English Dictionary, not Gaelic,

the Holy Bible in English and the Encyclopedia Britannica, all the first for being on earth. Right away,

you have to admit, we are using this prophesied global language in person and online. If someone is going to speak to the whole world all at once, as prophesied, he's not going to be speaking all languages all at once, that just wouldn't work out. The entire world getting into English, is a sign of the worst of times.

     Actual history is based on the truth. That's the only way you can understand the life you are living,

and why the world around you is as it is. Not castles made of sand, but lives built on pixels, end users.

If anyone thinks anything I'm typing here is too much for them, admit that to yourself, don't get angry with me. Go back to your default consciousness, or read more books of actual truth.

     If I have one advantage over other peoples, it's being not Scottish, but the son of a daughter of the Gael. We, as a clan, stay to ourselves in historic proportions. Historians estimate that beginning at the source of record-keeping almost two thousand years ago, over 250,000 of us have been born, but less than 200,000 can be accounted for. It's hard to disappear as a Watt, but my mother's clan is one of those.

I say disappear as a Watt, but the Watt clan has been working on that for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Please, use your happy application of this C.I.A. spy device to investigate the Watt clan. Look for a tartan. You would think that the first kings and queens of Scotland would have some, seasonal like everyone else, but there is no Watt tartan. An actual tartan book will say look for Buchanan, which is my mother's clan.

You might think that Doctor James Watt could afford some nice kilts done up Watt style. He and his brother were inventors who involved themselves with European manufacturing, and around the world. He travelled to other countries to explain his understandings, so that all the other scientists decided to use his name to describe wattage. This was about giving other countries a chance against the British and other empire builders, as Gaelic people have done around the world.

     Just like "steam power" and "electricity", most of the inventions given to the world by Gaelic and Scottish people were inspired by the filth and poverty of other nations, helping to clean up their act.

     One of my ancestors was the only white man invited by the Chinese after the British attacked them, called the Opium War, what England said was legal to sell in China, when there was none before. That was more about the British and other Europeans having boats to get that far, and already doing the Americas.

     One of my ancestors negotiated the hundred year lease for Hong Kong and helped build the Bank of Japan, again, to help prevent the worst excesses of European colonization.

     The Chief Joseph Brant wears my mother's tartan over his shoulder in his official portrait, because Scottish people sent native chiefs to universities in Scotland to help them defend themselves properly in French and English courts.  His tribe still owns most of Brantford.

     The Gaelic spelling of Buchanan is eight letters beginning with CANON. Are you getting the picture?

But as much as that, Gaelic and Scottish people are accepted around the world, or abided, because there never was any slavery in Scotland and Scotland never attacked another country. And it's nice to be singing and dancing and playing musical instruments in ways that can enchant others. And when I say enchant, I'm not talking Disney talk, that means it gets others chanting along, everyone singing the same songs.

     So I'm just going to riff off some history and see if you can finally see behind your own mysteries.

I will be using Proper English, which includes all uses, mostly about meaning what you say and saying what you mean, and if you say it you are doing it, and if it's worth doing it's worth doing well. Other nations will say speaking Proper English is the language of kings, queens, judges and presidents. They can try.

     And if you just want to call this free old man talk, oh yeah, go ahead, that's one of my favorite lines.

The biggest Pyramid at Giza: Are you thinking right away that's it's the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh?

It's not. Not even close. This pyramid was built to fulfill a prophecy for our times, after the year 2,000.

But I don't see that as working, because the pyramid has been wrecked. It was covered in black granite on all four sides, with a big section on top covered in gold. The gold wasn't about wealth, it was about electricity. I'm sure modern billables know gold is one of the best conductors and attractors of electricity.

This pyramid was aligned with the magnetic forces of the earth, and the two poles of our planet. Even now, if you stand on top of what is left, with a wine bottle wrapped in aluminum foil, sparks shoot out.

      Another reason it won't work as well, is because it was built over 8,000 years ago, and the planet has shifted since then. At their start, our north pole was under James Bay. Even Chinese star charts show this shift in the planet. Imagine being able to loosen the electricity of you brain enough so that the magnetisms of the earth can carry you up to a star, and that's just what they were doing. That was long before Moses.

      If you need more convincing, all the tombs of any pharaoh had many rooms, many funeral objects, some over 140 rooms, for family and friends. You know they say King Tut was a minor king who died young, and had a hasty burial, but look what they found with him, and some of it was stolen before they got there.

The biggest pyramid at Giza has only one room, with a small tunnel leading from it up to the outside.

     Egyptian priests used to take turns spending the night, doing green jelly hash, and the tunnel pointed their soul to the universe they said they went to when they died, what they called Crossing the River Styx.

That's what The Egyptian Book of the Dead is about. There is a Book of the Living, but it doesn't have an exciting enough title for end users, or Jewish and Greek translators who like "The Book of Life". There are African tribes who didn't have telescopes either, who describe the same universe, saying that is their home in the skies. And before you start going tut-tut at me, don't be a hypocrite, do you say Amen, a king?

     The only nation on earth that exceeds Egyptian astronomy and electrical build, are the Maya of Mexico. I'm leaving that for you to look into, if pyramids and celestial understandings are interesting for you. There is now no doubt amongst the historic community that aliens from space were landing in South America over four thousand years ago. They can piece together runways with compartments for magnets that could only shoot a craft into the sky. You know about those huge pictographs you can only see from space.

     What I like the most about the Maya, and all Central and South American natives, is they had the wheel, they had more mathematics and metal working abilities than any other people on earth, but they didn't use animals to ride or as beasts of burden or war. Their society was so well organized with the proper use of water and earth, life was easy. And even if some of their biggest cities had to be abandoned to flee Dark Ages diseases that were being spread by Jesuit Priests, all the sewers and water still works, and that's talking over two thousand years. Billable scientists still can't figure out how they cut stone so precisely.

     When I was a teenager, even National Geographic, an American magszine, was saying the Maya had no language and didn't write. If you want to suppress a population to create a migrant nation for use as low wage farm workers, because your people are too end user to work for food, look at the disUnited States now, millions and millions of displaced non-citizens, called Mexicans and Latinos.

The Dark Ages: The people of Rome would like you to think that rats from Africa brought a plague to their city, but that's not the truth. They were just too dirty, and obsessed with drinking the wrong kind of DNA.

There were Itals who became Italians, but the Roma were a tribe to themselves. They were the only people around the Mediterranean to use the water of the Mediterranean to irrigate their crops. It took a couple of generations, but their fields didn't yield and they started attacking other people. That's one of the main reasons that, when they built up their empire, they were hot on aqueducts to carry water to Rome.

You know the Roman wine-making tradition of using huge vats where people stomped the grapes they made wine out of. They did the same thing for making leather, using human excrement, what does make the toughest leather. Spain is the only country in the world where it's still legal to do that. The Romans also had purgatoriums, rooms with what looked like fountains, where Romans went to throw up so they could keep on eating. Roman society then is like American and Canadian society now, not working to make food, their clothes, almost nothing, just eating for free, seeing entertainment for free, using slaves for everything else.

The Appian Way, a long stone road at Rome, had over four thousand crosses along the way, crucifying people all the time. Romans liked to take their families for a walk and help add to the torture. Romans took the dead people and threw them into a valley, not a sanitary thing to do.

     Romans also brought what they thought were the best looking boys from around their world, to use for sex, especially the bath-houses used by senators. They thought "drinking the elixer of life", would help them live longer, make them smarter, whatever. Either way, it became a pedophile society, where the word came from. Nero didn't fiddle while Rome burned, what is said to deceive you, no violins like that back then, he diddled, what is called diddling a child, just pedophile talk like Americans saying a clown act. You might think this is too old and irrelevant for you, but what about all those little angels you see with little penises, or fountains of boys with water spraying out of their penises, everywhere you go. It's not about the girls.

     "All roads lead to Rome". That's a tourist slogan now, but it struck fear into the hearts of other nations. After the Romans conquered Egypt, they brought back chariots and papyrus for the first time. This meant that instead of carving on clay tablets and baking them, with a rider carrying them to the armies, you could write on papyrus and use a few horses with a chariot, also carrying more weapons, to deliver your orders and weapons faster, a big jump in technology for them.

     After the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, for every hundred years, a third of the population died from diseases, bringing down the white man. That lasted six hundred years. There were empty cities, empty fields, all over Europe. That population became slow-witted, short, weak and very desperate. Kings, queens and pharaohs hired people from the far north who didn't go through the Dark Ages to be their bodyguards and shock troops. Northern Europeans could fight and get injured or beat up, and be healing to fight the next day, when Dark Age victims might not survive or take weeks to get up again. The Swiss Guard at the Vatican is a remnant of this. The fact that the Vatican used these evil dark times to have an inquisition, only made it worse. They would publicly torture and kill any woman who looked really nice, could write or do mathematics. You might not think this is relevant to you in our times, but why do most white women have such a bad self-image about their bodies, when men don't. Take off my clothes, and I look like Poseidon.

     When Pierre Trudeau left Quebec to visit China, three times, he was being billed as a Jesuit priest, and if you want to see what a Quebecois politician as a Jesuit priest can accomplish, look at the est of Canada, now a Chinese dumping ground. Sure, selling out Canada so the federals in Quebec could collect the fast cash import duties and taxes, pumped up more than just the treasury when these men travelled.

     Pierre Trudeau was advertised as taking that famous walk in the snow, or that famous photo of him in

a buckskin jacket paddling a canoe, but if you see the books it's not him. And if Canadians can remember, he was about not wanting to be in your bedroom, passing many sexual laws for private sex. It was more than embarrassing for his R.C.M.P. bodyguards to have to watch him while he commited crimes in front of them. Don't forget, although he never passed it as a law, he said it to be his own precedent as Prime Minister. "No Canadian should be arrested for the possession of one or two marijuana cigarettes", as if that's what he was smoking.

     I could go on about Quebec, but the Duplessis era, named after a Quebec premier, was just as bad as ancient Rome for being pedophiles in orphanages and schools, and killing hundreds in the name of separation. What is the truly sad part for me is that the French aren't a people. There were no Frens, or much of a native population left after the Dark Ages. Scottish people see them, as the British, as being a melting pot society, a beautiful land of agricultural opportunity with ocean and river access. The Duplessis era of duplicity, reflects the Gaelic view of the French as "the great betrayers', people who seemingly can be putting their hearts and minds into a good work with you, but then betraying you for themselves. A big symptom of that is falling under the domination of the Holy Roman Empire and becoming Catholics. You know they use the objects of that church as profanity. You know they burned a miracle worker who saved their country against the British, when she was nineteen, Jean D'arc, now known as Joan of Arc.

     This attitude is still bending our news. Scottish independence was said to be like the separation of Quebec, with the murders, mail-box bombings, what politicians did to the population to make them live in fear and want to separate to be saved. That's not the truth. Scottish people saw that $600,000 was missing from a school board account and traced it through the European Union to a financial institution on Wall Street. Almost every adult Scot has a Master's Degree from a Scottish university, and government leaders and computer accountants were coming to businesses and bars to learn about how Americans are hacking other countries. I doubt if you're going to see another Greece or Iceland happening.

     I'm going to end this Mediterranean topic by using Christopher Columbus as a vehicle to get us to the Americas. Just like the newest Pope's assistant is now saying Peter name came to Rome, but it's such a strong belief it won't change, we all know by now that Christopher Columbus wasn't the first "white man" to come to North America. Vikings of the north, Gaelic and Celtic, Russians of the north, America was a busy place. The great chief of the Ojibway, Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh, said with a rising accent, who lived south of Simcoe and wintered in the Niagara Peninsula, wrote the first book published by a native in North America, in 1850. I have two copies, mind and unmarked. He talks about Vikings who passed through and went down the Mississippi. You might think how did he know all that. Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh could stand on the top of the escarpment and shout, and it could be passed down along the Mississippi to the mouth and shouted back again in four days. He said he could turn and shout above Lake Ontario to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and it would come back in four hours. He wrote his book to try and open the hearts of the white man to the land they were invading and trying to make like Europe. I cry every time I read part of one, knowing the Niagara Peninsula isn't like that any more. There were no diseases for humans in North, Central and South America, until the Dark Ages came.

     What made Christopher Columbus famous, and very very rich, as a conquistador, was starting the first sugar plantation, the sugar cane being new for Europeans who used mostly red beets for sugar. He used the Okeefenokee natives of southern Florida first, now seen to be extinct, before he used Caribs, now extinct. He would slice the tendons of their ankles or knees so they couldn't walk or run. He didn't explore, America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, who drew his map.

     This is truly sad, but when I was visiting my doctor last summer I was looking at one of the medical practitioners there, a woman, and asked about being Carib, thinking she was an urban Canadian. She is very attractive, but she got angry, saying Christopher Columbus brought her parents over as slaves and she doesn't even know what country her ancestors came from. In this global world, everyone should know that.

Haiti, a Caribbean island: Isn't it so nice and British to feel sorry for Haiti, so many hurricanes, so much destruction, they want you to donate money to that country, just like Bangladesh. Haiti was the first island to have a fair election and elect an islander a leader. The Americans took "left-over" agent orange and napalm from Vietnam and burned the sugar can and rice paddies to the ground, so Haitians had to buy them from the states. President Bill Clinton says his only regret as president was the fact it was his state that was used to supply the rice.

Columbia: a country in South America: I grew up watching Juan Valdez, oh yeah, remember the Exxon Valdez? Juan would be standing there in the sun with his burro, carrying burlap bags of coffee beans, talking about the sides of the mountain, without saying that's where the coca plants grow. In 1944, Americans used a "left-over" cargo plane from WW11, taking off the big side door, mounting a huge machine gun custom made, and filled the plane with bullets. De plane boss, de plane! I'm sure you've heard that from a tiny little tiny little native man. They flew it down the main streets of Columbia and blasted everyone and everything they could, until the government stepped down and let Americans take over.

All the cocaine that you hear about is because of the Americans, and it's a pharmaceutical product far stronger than chewing the leaves. Andes natives did that because it helped them breathe better at high altitudes. If, as end users, you think I'm not a cocaine user, I just drink coffee, coffee is a cocaine substitute that's now as strong as older manufacture. Look how our population of non-workers have built up a coffee house society, a huge business in Canada and the States, as addictive as anything else.

     In the Niagara Peninsula, the land of the beaver, beavers deserved to party a little. They worked hard to build dams that created slower moving rivers, building a society of other creatures and fish to live with. All they did was chew and eat trees and grasses, not a threat to anyone else, even if they could have got a little irritable after winter came, a lot of time spent in their den, caused by European global warming, over-populations burning wood. Natives here say that before, winter was like a long spring, and even the birds sang more and were more colourful. Beavers would pile up some sugar maple leaves off to the side, and they would ferment, and that's when beavers would eat them. Oh yeah, I like maple syrup, one of my top ten foods. It doesn't last long enough to ferment. I like unpasteurized buckwheat honey instead.

     The British, seeing all the natives who summered in the peninsula as being one big peace loving tribe, called them the Neutral Indians, still thinking they were in India. When Scots first traversed these lands, being the first whites to cross Canada, they estimated there were over 20,000 natives. Now, there are over 20,000 immigrants from India here. Who are you calling Indians, or don't you know the names of the people born to be of this land? You know the truth, you end user you, why can't you speak the truth?

It's easy to say talk is cheap, if you don't follow it up like Proper English, so if it is cheap why can't you use some free words, properly. Peninsula natives didn't go through the Dark Ages. They are smarter, faster, and know more about you and your culture than you do, if you can find and get one to talk with you. But when you are seen as coming from a pedophile and raping culture who are taking your land, it's not easy.

     This might seem like self-promotion, but it's not, no, it's really not. When I played with an Onanadage Mohawk, who used to be a sheriff on his reservation, I met the chiefs of Buffalo, Larry Bruje, a pro bassist, and Fort Erie, Doug Maracle, a pro guitar player. Bruje is short for brujedo, a name for a medicine man and the leader of shaman. He laughed a lot. Doug, using his own recording studio in Ridgeway, where his grandmother lived, won the Aboriginal TV annual award for best guitar instrumental. But what did they say about me, who they began to see as an authentic human and a white native. They said I was the free-est musician they ever heard. Doug never wanted to get up and play when I was with Smoky. He'd bring his family in and visit and everyone had a great time.

     I was bike-hiking inland, too much wind and rain on the beach, and it was after midnight when I was riding along Chippewa road, when I saw a man with a glowing face. He was at a house set back from the road, in a dark corner doing some gardening. When I stopped my bike I leaned back on my long, chiropractic seat that Doctor David Salanki helped me design, and the bike reared up and I started acting like it was a horse trying to get away, talking to it, and I could hear him laughing, so I went over.

 He asked me right away how I could see him, so I said I saw his face glowing. It was. I've seen that before, and a white aura around people's head in the sunlight too. That's part of being a natural native.

Doug said he often wondered about me, and invited me to visit with my guitar and jam and record. My driver's license was taken away from me illegally by an illegal police officer, so I can see him here and there but I'm not reliable and can't bike-hike with my stuff. My amp case weighs 154 pounds, very sensitive too.

     He told me about the wild rice, water chestnuts, sweet acorns, how the peninsula was, and said I could traverse his Carolinian forest any time I want. He is very wealthy, and a great artist too. He sells brongzes for over $60,000 that the Canadian government gives as gifts, and had a seven year waiting list at the time. He likes to talk about the time a Sheik of Araby with many long limos, who visited him to order.

He owns property all over the peninsula, houses everywhere, factories in Fort Erie, California and Florida. The City of Welland could use some of his advice about peninsula property and investment gains. And he's very good looking, making it even better.

     Beautiful Mohawks: There are Mohawks in the peninsula, and some who visit, who are called by natives beautiful Mohawks, because they didn't mix with whites, didn't drink the booze or take the drugs, and are still authentic humans. The are truly beautiful, and don't need winter coats. When a beautiful Mohawk lets a tear fall from one eye, it looks like a muti-faced gem shining in different colours, and when a non-beaufiful Mohawk sees that, even me, you would do almost anything or give them anything they wanted.

     I had a beautiful Mohawk visit me, an unexpected thing to happen in the middle of winter. He was sitting there at night around eleven in front of the library when I walked by, so I invted him in. He had a sweat shirt on with not sleeves, no gloves and ordinary pants. He said he was coming up from Florida after he saw one of his friend get shot in the face, murdered. He was going west. He noticed my eagle feathers.

Being a bad man for me is not being a user, but playing around. He wanted a cigarette, so I said I know two guys behind the arena who sell at night, and one of their lights should be on. Kelsey was there, and let us in. He couldn't take his eyes of this man, just sitting there, not saying a word. He looked disgusted at the mess. Kelsey, very tight with his tobacco, gave him some cigarettes. And then he gave him some more and started offering food and other things. This Mohawk looked at me like this is your friend, and got up and walked out. I went out after him, but he was gone. A beautiful Mohawk made my night beautiful.

     This moved me. I felt for the Mohawks I knew. The next time I saw Eugene, known as Injun Joe, I told him about my eagle feathers, knowing he didn't have one. I invited him to my apartment, the only time he came in, and we had a nice visit. He brought a few really big turkey feathers to trade. Mohawk warriors don't hug each other. When Eugene saw the Haida artwork I copied, three feet by three feet, he said he felt the spirit of the Haida and put his arm on my arm and put his head on my shoulder, a warrior's act of submission and respect. That was one of the most important moments in my life, making me a Canadian.

     The British knew what they were doing, and you can't blame the natives. "Fire-water", what natives called it, wasn't just a sweet liquor, it had opium in it. Natives had spruce beer and alcohol, just as many birds and animals do, going to get woozy when plants ferment or have qualities to induce stupor. A farmer called my father once when I was a kid, saying his cows ate bad apples and were drunk and falling down. We went to see that and it was hilarious, and made the papers too. Hudson Bay got natives addicted so they would huddle around the fort, leaving the trap lines for the British. That reminds me of the crowd standing on the sidewalk outside the Hope House, sometimes so big and so doing business traffic was being interfered with and it became an issue.

    The Hope House in Welland was/is the only shelter in Ontario that local N.D.P. called a "wet facility", meaning you could drink and do drugs and not get kicked out. Men from other cities driving big rigs and SUV's would use it like a free motel while they did drug business in Welland, local dealers too. They let hookers visit men in their rooms and shut the door after midnight. When I was being made homeless and with nothing, I stayed there. I got a fever of 104 and was spitting up blood, lying on my bed for three days, before they told me it was time to leave. And it was winter and I didn't have winter clothes or boots.

Before I type any more, we should remember the Boethuk, the natives of Newfoundland who co-existed with penguins over four feet tall. They both are gone, the first genocide in Canada. You can find a story about a white man who took the last Boethuk woman in to help her, saying she died a  normal death. But the last Beothuk was killed in a bar by an American who scalped him for the $25 reward so he could keep drinking. That was General George Washington's policy, not what natives did. That's what drove Joseph Brant's tribe to move up from the States to Canada, many western natives also. I'm thinking my spelling here is an English version, but I can't find it in the Oxford Canadian dictionary, even if I'm seeing Bodhisavattma, an Indian word. It means someone who can reach nirvana, but delays it to be generous with others. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe people from India did bring their spiritual activities here first.

I know I'm seeing some serious Ying and Yang here. Let's look at that.

     What is the North American Ying to the Mediterranean Yang. Let's look at the Catholic church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-Day Saints, now based in Utah. The empire builders who went to Utah to start their own country fought a war with the United States and lost. Utah was a barren place, having the salt flats and steep cliffs, almost mountains. The Utes were known for wandering, not having much, just carrying a stick they used to dig plants out. Yeah, if I was one of the most beautiful and smartest and talented people on earth, and had to flee north to avoid the conquistadors and their diseases, I wouldn't be too happy either. So it wasn't about the wealth or the gold of the Dakotas.

     The American government made plural marriages illegal, seeing Utah Mormons having many wives, old men marrying young women, even the young daughters of their brothers and cousins. Some Mormons out west were getting charge with that a couple of years ago. Look at the wealth of the Mormon church, where it's a rule to give 10% of your gross paycheck just to become a member, giving more every time you come into a church to donate for the needy. I got a big laugh one time, sitting in on a high priest meeting, watching an old Utah video. It showed the Prophet who is called the President for the public. a short and unhealthy looking person, in his big, two story house, all wooden paneling, like some homes around Chippewa Park. He had doors held open for him while he went out to his carriage, having a driver, and went to visit a community that wasn't paying the tithing. They didn't have rain for months, crops weren't growing, water was drying up, people were sick, but he berated them and said not paying their tithing was to blame. He left to go back home, and many weeks later, when it finally rained, this VHS tape said it was a miracle because he visited. These Mormons knew how to make miracles just like the Vatican.

Don't get me wrong. I accept the Book of Mormon as found and translated by Joseph Smith Jr. to be a historic book. he found plates that were buried by a lost Jewish tribe, which include the Holy Bible book of Isaiah. His translation is different by three different verb endings that don't change the meaning. He also bought tablets from an Egyptian circus attraction and added them, even if the angel who told him where the plates were gave him rules he didn't follow. I can't blame him for getting all hot and caught up after an angel visited him, but he was just a translator, not a prophet. He was killed with members of his family in a jail by local police and disbelievers, he was so pushy about his book. Many Mormons from Utah don't read the Holy Bible, being told their book is more important, even if it's small and doesn't tell most of the Holy Bible stories. The Holy Bible predicts the coming of books as part of the worst of times, and I see the Central American Jewish Book of Mormon as being like the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient books that now are being found and interpreted.

    If there's one thing Utah does for the public, as a recruiting tool, it's putting on the show south of Buffalo at Palmyra, where Joseph Smith Jr. was born. Yes, that's like the Romans using Jesus as a crossed up prop, becoming the Holy Roman Empire. The huge stage that goes up the side of the Hill Commorah, sometimes has four thousand people on it, looking like a city on a hill. By the time it gets dark and Jesus of Nazareth comes down from the sky, held up by skyhooks and cranes, it really looks good. The quadraphonic bass boom system with the sensurround earthquake option, like the old JBL ported speakers at the Park Theatre, really make the ground shake a little, and sitting outside is nice. It's a free show for over a week, maybe more now, and it gets exciting when people say Donny and Marie are backstage.

     The Book of Mormon, named after the last prophet to write it, who was named after the famous fountain of Mormon, tells how Jesus of Nazareth came down from the sky three times to visit the Jewish refugees who were there. That's all I'm going to type now about that, because if I described what I know about the travels of Jesus of Nazareth, you'd be uh, scrolling for a long time.
     Let me end this page with some examples of word-play that Gaelic people used, mostly to make fun of the British and stuffy European royalty. It's nice to make up words you use, if you speak them properly.

     When you are astute, you are seen as being of a singular mind as knowing the truth and only the truth, so bless you god. Yeah, ass-toot. When someone is pointing out a tall cathedral with spires sticking up into the sky, saying you should be a Catholic, yeah, ass-spire to that. When the Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire, the caesar/pope made it easy for all his soldiers, taking the Greek symbol for infinity, looking like a stretched out sideways eight, and cut off the curve from one side, saying it stands for the universal truth, not the eternal truth, and looked like the fish symbol Jewish people used. Gaelic people saw that and called it "holy mackerel", a local fish. When Jesuit priests came on to you with a big book, with a heavy metal frame and big jewels on it, all locked up, saying they carried the truth of their god and you should believe in him, even Gaelic women and children would take it and beat them to death with it, calling it 'being a bible thumper". Considering what Gaelic people saw through their world travels, just smelling like garlic or having wine on your breath was reason to kill a Roman.

     But before you think this is just racism, think again. Even the Romans, never the brightest, modern Italians too, say that Latin is the dead language, because they speak Italian. That's just not true. Gaelic people used all the sounds of the mouth they heard around the world, and used all the best words from around the world, so eventually, everyone could speak it. Look at atrium, stucco, and I'm sure you can think of more Latin words that made it into the English language. I had to take Latin in high school for two years before they had the credit system and I could drop it. And I had to take French too, another waste of time. Je ne sais toute les mots, et je ne parle tre vite, mais, quand le soleil dit bonjour, aux montagnes,

et les DVD's sont sur les TV... oh yeah, red peppers stuffed with anchovies, a favorite, all the pizzerias I made signs for that let me make my own pizza, at one time every pizzeria in Welland, but I dare you to tell me what Scottish people eat at weddings. I don't know. I've never eaten at any family wedding or funeral. That's serious business, clan getting together to witness and plan their lives, before we go back to them.

Okay, being the bad boy, I was complaining to my 82 year old Aunt Meg, who just came back from the petrified forest and grand canyon with my mother's mother, 78, a really nice trip, and she was giving out pieces of petrified rock. I was saying she made the best maple tarts when she visited us, so she whipped some up for me, and I gave some to my brothers.

     My father's great uncle, Jack Watt, owned a big lumber yard where Fabricland is, and was a Master Carpenter. He built the towers at the airport when British pilots came over to train for the wars. It was a real thrill for me to get the job painting the new Welland-Port Colborne name on the runway side and the new siding on the hanger, so airplanes over the lake could see it. Even though these airplane owners were architectural and digital, designing the lettering to a size on their blueprints, they had doubts I could do a good job painting them way up in the air using one extension ladder. The siding had angled curves, very industrial, very expensive, and every twenty feet or so there was a big wide square sticking out about a foot, what they hoped to avoid having to paint part of a letter on. You really didn't see that from the road, so far away, and it was coated a light blue. What did I do?

     I took the Helvetica medium they used and made big four foot letters, taping them up there so they were in between better than what they had. oh, they loved being able to drive to the road and look and take off and fly over the lake to look, thinking they looked perfect. Nice! I got another job making an executive sign for the flight class, using a silver background. That looked like an airplane wing shining in the sunlight.

     But it wasn't all good. I could see the cloud of mosquitos rising up at me, when it was getting cooler and the sun was behind the building. One of the Wards, doing business with airplanes, would stand at the bottom of the ladder and make animal sounds at me. I'd just keep going up and down to refill my paint and ignore him, thinking he really didn't want to talk with me. The fact that meant turning my back on him probably made him angry. Even though my paint job used sign paint straight out of the can, getting the thickest coat, and could be good for another twenty years, the City of Welland decided to change the historic name of the airport and it was painted over.

     One of the most exciting moments of my life happened out there, when I was up the ladder on a sunny day. A pilot at the Hamilton airport heard about my lettering and when he flew one of those historic two engine world war two bombers to keep it in tune, he flew to Welland, and making the plane fly sideways to the ground, wingtips almost touching, he came around the side suddenly and flew around me, and those engines don't have mufflers. Even Deep Purple didn't sound like a spinning hurricane.

     Believe it or not, I've just been sitting here typing away, not even really looking back to edit, and I haven't had a meal, just some made in Canada peppermint patties from the Dollarama, and it's after midnight. I've got some nice new DVD movies, 4 for $5, picking from over 500, from Rick's buy and sell.

I'll leave it here and start another page tomorrow, unless I get into a painting to show at Rodman Hall. Now that's self-promotion.

There was a soldier, a Scottish soldier, who came from fa awa, his heart was broke in twa,

and now he's cryin', his heart is dyin', for all the green-green grass of home.

In Scotland, you might call it grass, but for Gaelic people, it takes around three hundred years for their grass to be sown and grown to become the green-green grass of home.

"There once was girl, whose heart was a frown, 'cause she was crippled for life and couldn't speak a sound. Until one day, she decided to die. So she drew her wheelchair to the shore, and to her legs she smiled you won't hurt me no more. But suddenly something she had never seen before made her jump up and say, look, a golden winged ship is coming my way, but it didn't even have to stop, it just kept on going, and so castles made of sand slip into the sea, eventually" guitar solo.

third verse, "Castles Made of Sand", by Jimi Hendrix

     If that Ward family member knew what he was looking up at, and talked with me,

he might not have been jailed for life because of me, and I don't live my life to do that,

I'm just speaking Proper English and following my mother's mother's advice,

"Living right is the best revenge", even if I've got no venge to begin with.

I'm not perfect, and I think what one of the owners of Hasty Market said, when I was making signs when they opened. Joe might have been quoting the Qu'ran he carried with him, when he said "when bad people do bad things to you, sometimes you have to do bad things to yourself to forget."

yeah, I always say I'm a Crowland boy, but I live in Welland and know what he means.
I don't go outside on my bicycle and ride into snowstorms to Fort Erie for nothing.

All Praise For One God. I wish that was true.

   It's written in Plain English, right there in the Holy Bible, one of the most accurate translations that Jesus of Nazareth, who spoke Arabic, not a Jewish language, said. When others asked Him what they should call the new church they were building, He said to call it "The Church of Jesus Christ".

If every church who worshipped Him had the same name, how much fighting would that have stopped?

Just five words that would have changed our world. That's how powerful His truth is.

Imagine this: Jesus of Nazareth. Born to the House of David, historic Jewish, where, if Israel was a country, he could have been a king or general. Having to travel to pay Roman taxes and be there for a census, being born in Bethlehem satisfied the Jewish prophecy of His birth. The Star of Bethlehem was the guide for Persian High Priests, the Magi, oh yeah, where magicians come from, who travelled through hostile foreign countries to get there, and give Him the most expensive oils to use and be blessed with.

But no matter how bad and poverty stricken the situation was, he still had the animals of the earth around him, and was born in a manger, a more than planned parenthood, not all the human that we are, how wonderfull. That's the first lesson of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, over-population, Roman slavery and taxes, and he wasn't just Jewish. Don't forget, Abram, who said he talked with a voice from the sky, becoming Abraham, had three sons that travelled to start their own tribes that became great nations, the Jews, the Arabs and the Christians. Jesus of Nazareth was all of that, but look how much fighting there has been between them. Even now, American pulpit preachers with TV congregations and radio show listeners are saying there are Muslims who want to come over to America and kill you in your sleep.

No, that's so American, just what they do. We, as Canadians, should know better.

    I call the Niagara Peninsula Northern New York. Police officers north of Toronto look at me with sadness in their eyes, and agree, only saying it's nice to see the Falls.

"the northern rain always cools,

standing here alone I need it,

to whet my burning heart,

so my mind,

like a late white floe down summer's Niagara,

can shine in radiant splendour,

before the final Falls"

Master John Alexander Hay Watt.  Good night!