Hymns & Anthems

additional verses for "How Great Thou Art"

So sings my soul, as I feel the healing.

He's there for me, when I can't even kneel,

let all our souls, be one as we are singing,

express our hearts, for how great Thou art.

I see new skies, as new rain falls that's sticking,

the new ashes of shame, just fell on me.

As my eyes struggle, past helpless horizons,

what dominion, have you given over me?

So hear the sound, of all of these devices,

we work around, this watt age we live in.

We force our earth, to suck through copper coils,

the spun spin, the spin wins, our negativities.

So sings the wires, dividing up our skies,

while satellites, micro-wave our minds,

we pay the bills, the wars we subsidize,

how code their art, how sold we are.

a new verse for "Amazing Grace"

Amazing race, how code thou art,

reigning, radiation, down on me,

you once were siloed,

but now you're embossed,

how hot, as Americans, we'll be.

Oh ca-si-no, you're cashing in on me,

I used to live, a life of luxury.

Then you legalized, right before my eyes,

what causes suicides,

and when those slot wheels turn,

it's Falls power they burn,

as your ride turns into your hide,

with no-one else to turn.

Oh ca-si-no, you're gaming it on us,

you make our cash, become end user-us.

When you set the odds, to add up the bods,

how taxing they can be,

and when they've lost it all,

your tellers make their cull,

cutting up your card for you,

your comping meals are through.


The Adam Beck generating station. Direct current, the same as the sun,

and the electricity of our brains. With water diverted back into the upriver.

"When you pay for the copper wire, and the wooden pole in front of your house, the electricity will be as free as the water over Niagara Falls."

Turned off, shut down, with those words carved in stone being taken away.

Americans weaponized electricity with Nicola Tesla's AC-DC, their way.

Now Adam Beck isn't lighting up, it got lit up, yeah, it's just burning energy.

sung to the melody of Oh Canada

"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men".


There are no waterfalls in Scotland. Engineers came to the escarpment where it had the highest cliff face,

behind where Brock University is, down into the valley below. Those two concrete tubes are what was first built to power their new generators. They still do, lighting the valley where the newer installation was built.

The reality of the first commercial hydro generation attracted scientists and manufacturers from around the world. Nicola Tesla, from Transylvania (Sylvania Electronics) was a much a showman who applied existing technology, than he was an inventor. You can rub your feet on a rug and touch to give a mild static shock, and that's what he wanted to do with electricity, send it through the air. He weaponized electricity for the American government, becoming a constant White House guest. Military protocols, new securities, and intense royalties, were futuristic in their design. Tesla became a partner with Marconi, both very rich.

Tesla died a bankrupt and broken man.

Marconi invented his electronics with his own values. He could have been clan. He moved to the United States and was the first to send a radio signal across an ocean, from Hawaii to the mainland. He became a White House guest with Tesla, becoming the biggest manufacturer of electronics. When Marconi returned to Italy, more than disillusioned, he was murdered, and the Americans took it all.

His name, Guglielmo Marconi, (googlee-elmo) is the basis for Google. Much older than that, when Jewish political refugees fled the Roman Empire, they came north to the island past the Celts. When natives looked into the eyes of one of them, they had to invent a new term, calling it "having googlee-eyes".

More than a window into the soul, they were eyes into eternity. Happy to find such a gracious reception, the refugees presented a gift, the "ladder" Jacob used to see into heaven. If you read the entire Holy Bible, you won't find one description of what happened when you looked into the eyes of Jesus of Nazareth.

John the Baptist did: "In Him was light,

and the light was the life of men".

You can read the entire Niagara Parks Commission book, their hundred year anniversary, written in 1985. They repeat their management, what Toronto politicians ordered, make enough profit to landscape and maintain the Niagara Parkway, from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort Erie, our peninsula border with America. They describe all the businesses, their fees, taxes, buildings and books. They describe by the square foot how much water Americans rented and bought. They say the over $3,000 they first charged Americans for hydro generation was a money grab, saying they were surprised the Americans paid without negotiating.

They say the Americans just kept on paying and building. You've heard of UFO's, Roswell, Area 51, and have seen all kinds of science fiction. But what about the first electronic military base the United States ever had, in Niagara Falls? What about our rates and exported hydro that we subsidize as taxpayers? Ontario is a hydro exporter, and we shouldn't be building new nuclear reactors in Toronto to sell to the Americans.

What do we get out of it, other than landscaping and gardening and snow plowing and infrastructure maintenance, so our side of the border looks attractive from their shore. Watt and his wire, we know that.

When it comes to our hydro, the book says "the generators were installed". "The wiring was installed".

More than anywhere else on earth, the Niagara Peninsula has been bombarded with electrical radiation.

The severe brain wasting diseases, cancers, micro-waving our food and our brains, with every frequency.


You can weaponize your world. You can make your demands. The Watt Clan stands.